Monday, 29 April 2013

Fans turn out for Open-Bus Tour

While I sadly did not make it back to see AFCB celebrate in Bournemouth Square yesterday it seems that enough of you did manage to make it to bring the place to a standstill. It is no more than the team has deserved after finishing second in League One after a magnificent campaign.

A big thank you to Michael Dunne (All Departments) who kindly sent in all the pictures on this story of the Bus Tour as it left the Goldsands stadium.

The lack of a trophy in the need did not really matter although I have to say Steve Fletcher's interview after the Tranmere match on Cherries Player is a must see if you have not already heard Steve express his disappointment in not having the chance to lift some silverware this season. Eddie also sounds a little choked at the support we gave the team on Saturday and I have no doubt that he and the boys will have been moved by so many turning out to see them on the bus.

In some ways I don't think it is such a bad thing that there is still a space in the cabinet for a big trophy at AFCB. Okay the players won't receive winners medals but their desire and need to be the best will live on and that could push them to even greater heights in the Championship. We have some big matches next year and this young team is capable of more special things.

Cherry Chimes looks forward to following their progress as we meet the next challenge and take on the Championship. While the stories may slow over the summer Cherry Chimes will continue to comment on AFCB whenever there is something to say and if you have something to share with fellow AFCB supporters why not write in to us?

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UTCIAD! Thanks to everyone at AFCB and all you supporters for making this such a memorable season.

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