Sunday, 21 April 2013

Promotion celebrations at AFCB

While the stewards tried admirably to prevent the crowd from going onto the pitch there was no hope really. The crowd gathered at the tunnel to await Sheffield's result and when it came the noise was thunderous, "We are going up!'' over and over again.

 Pitch invasion

Eddie and Jason's lap of honour 

Eddie Howe leads the tributes

It was some time then before the crowd dispersed and the players came out one by one to cheers, followed by the back room staff, physios and Jason and Eddie. It seemed obligatory that you carry a child out, but once everyone was out on the centre circle it was time for the monster bottle of champagne to be opened with Tubbs getting a full soaking.

Eddie then thanked the supporters for their efforts and his players as well as Eddie Mitchell for what he has done for the club. Speaking to MC Mike Botto, Eddie Howe said: ''It's not mathematically confirmed yet is it. Not on goal difference.''

Charlie Daniels thinks AFCB fans could celebrate a bit more.

Someone is going to get wet!

Shacky, shacky, shacky!

Look out!

Drink up!

''Oh, Eddie we're up'' replied Mike. ''Goal difference, who cares about goal difference?'' There was plenty of laughter from home supporters.

"To achieve it all at home was the world to us,'' Eddie Howe said. We did not know what we had when we got here.. 9 or 10 players we knew, the rest were a mix of Lee Bradbuy's, Paul Groves' and Shaun Brooks' signings.

''At the first training session the level of ability surprised us and the attitude of the players.'' Eddie then spoke about how Jason and he looked to integrate the group better and work on their mentality.

Speaking about Eddie Mitchell, Eddie Howe said: ''We have been through a lot together. This club was on its knees in terms not only of finances, but the ground and he has done a lot of work to build the club up and he has done it in the right way from the youth side upwards, the stadium is now aesthetically pleasing. As well as financing it he has put his heart and sole into it... hopefully the club will be here now for the next generation and the future.'' 

Eddie said he was not bothered about the Brentford v Hartlepool game and that it would only matter to him if AFCB were to play Brentford in the play-offs. His mind was already on the Tranmere game and working out how to win the league and to go up as champions.

Can't wait! Look out Tranmere the best team in the league are headed your way and are looking for 9 wins in 9 games. Unbelievable.


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