Thursday, 4 April 2013

Parachute payments - scrap them!

I was reading an article in the new Football TwentyFour7 magazine the other day about the Premier League and how it's clubs in the bottom three in the 2014/15 season would receive £60 million among themselves for failing to stay up.

While I understand that the Premier League is its own entity and can do what it sees fit with its revenue it does seem totally unfair that these clubs should get a big advantage when falling back into the Championship. It does make you wonder how Southampton, Norwich, Swansea and Reading etc ever managed to get promoted.

In comparison AFCB are unlikely to have a war chest approaching much more than £1 million or it could be nothing at all. After all, we still owe Mr Demin £5 million as a loan when we see fit to pay him back and we aim to build a new South Stand which will be a few million. I'm not even contemplating buying back the ground, as that would be at least another £5 million.

So if the Cherries do go up, remember that we will be playing with one hand tied behind our backs compared to the Premiership drop outs. In such a system you would expect a series of yo-yo clubs to have been formed.

However, while Hull City and Bolton could return to the Premiership fairly quickly, it doesn't seemed to have worked out for the likes of Blackburn Rovers, Blackpool and Birmingham. So does that mean it is fair that these teams should receive these huge payouts? I don't think so.

At AFCB we will have a difficult enough task with a fan base of 10 million against these larger supported teams. How much will we get if we do go up? A couple of hundred thousand. Compared to the Premiership we are already non-league in terms of finances.

While I want AFCB to win promotion, if we achieve our own ambitions of getting to the Championship it is fair to say that our financial clout in League One has helped us to achieve this. I feel it is a shame that football has become like this.

It seems that the size of your wallet is just as important as your endeavour and skill on the pitch that earns you promotion.

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