Wednesday, 17 April 2013

AFCB's party celebrations may wait an extra 90 minutes on Saturday

It has been brought to my attention that Brentford's Saturday 20 April 2013 away fixture against Hartlepool kicks-off at 5.20pm. So when the Cherries know their result against Carlisle Utd and know how Doncaster and Sheffield Utd have done in their fixtures, we will still have to wait to see if we might have won automatic promotion. That is of course if AFCB have managed to beat Carlisle Utd, which is not a given.

I expect that AFCB will probably keep the bars open after our game but it does mean a delayed celebration to some extent if it does all work out for the Cherries on Saturday.  How do you feel about that? As a football fan I am rather disappointed.

BBC Radio Solent's Kris Temple tweeted that the game between Hartlepool and Brentford is being televised and that is the reason for the late time of their kick-off. 

If the automatic promotion places are not sorted out on Saturday and go to the last weekend you will be pleased to know that all fixtures will then kick-off at 3pm.


  1. If Sheff utd fail to win Donny lose we are 99.9% up on Gd regardless of the Brentford result. No need to add only if we beat Carlisle :)

  2. I love the new found confidence of AFCB fans!