Saturday, 27 April 2013

AFCB offers sensible season ticket prices

I was delighted to see that AFCB has released the kind of season ticket prices that many of us seem to think is reasonable for next season considering that the team has won promotion.

It would be great to think that Cherry Chimes' look at season ticket prices in the Championship might have had something to do with Mr Mitchell not putting prices through the roof for next season. 

I must admit I was expecting the prices to be higher and will be very pleased to see Championship football with my family at the Goldsands Stadium for an average of £15.22 per game, once I have bought my two Junior Cherry memberships. I don't think many other teams in the Championship will beat that watching in their Family Stands next year.

That will allow Cherry Chimes to take in a few of the away games as well I hope. There could be a number of mouth-watering away fixtures that are not too far for supporters to travel too either next year if some of the southern teams fail to make the Premiership. This would include Brighton, Watford and Crystal Palace but I expect we will lose one of those to the Premiership. Still we will have Reading, Charlton and Millwall which are all fairly close to home. With a bit of luck one of Brentford, Swndon or Yeovil could be joining us as well.

I think there might be a bit of a rush on to book those season tickets. What do you think about next year's season ticket prices?

Enjoy the match today. 

It also looks like there is a lot to look forward to from next August. Championship here we come!!! UTCIAD.

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