Thursday, 4 April 2013

Getting shirty

I wasn't privy to all the antics on twitter today about new away shirts to be launched by the club on Saturday when the Cherries take on Notts County. I understand that the fans protested about the idea for the new kit to be worn for the last home game against Carlisle Utd.

It does seem strange that the Cherries would want to wear a kit that is not going to be official until next season and when it is a crucial game that may help us to automatic promotion. At least the club listened to the supporters and changed its decision and it seems all harmonious enough that we can all still see this new away kit this weekend for those that can't wait for next season.

I think we are all pretty proud of the red and black home kit and let's face it, who would already have the new kit among our supporters anyway for the Carlise game?


1 comment:

  1. The right decision - would be different if our season was over. We should wear our home kit at home - I bleed Red and Black!