Monday, 22 April 2013

Best memory of the season

It's hard not to recall the game against Leyton Orient at home this season without having fond memories. It was the game when Eddie Howe and Jason Tindall were introduced to the Bournemouth crowd as the new management team at AFCB. It was 13 October 2013 and 5715 people in the ground wondered what kind of effect would Eddie Howe have on this team that was struggling near the foot of the table.

In my wildest dreams, I like many never thought that I would see Eddie Howe back in charge at Dean Court when he left for Burnley FC. It was an unbelievable moment to finally see him take the applause  an salute the crowds as he stepped back out on to the pitch.

As we settled down to watch the game we saw Leyton Orient's red dragon mascot strutting around the pitch and I wondered whether it was good or bad luck to take a high five from him. I did slap his hand and hoped for the best. After all we are all football fans and I shouldn't be so superstitious I thought.  Knowing now what I didn't know then, I reckon I should high-five every away mascot that turns up at Dean Court.

Orient's mascot kept his distance from us in the away match -
and they won that day 3:1.

The home crowd were more than a bit lively that day, although there wasn't surprisingly a full house. Eddie Howe must have felt a bit awe struck to hear his name being belted out for pretty much 90 minutes. I am sure he was just pleased to get the first game out of the way. Still there is a link between him and the fans. He is one of our own and everyone only wanted him to succeed. A 2:0 victory for the Cherries was looking likely from the moment Eddie and Jason stood on the pitch that day.

Eddie manages to unite us as a club and his modesty is just so endearing that you feel you can go up to him and ask him about anything and he probably would not mind.

Well the Orient game set the wheels in motion for a fabulous run for the team. Somehow things just seem right with Eddie Howe back at the club. We are a perfect fit and my memories of his return on that day will long live with me and many others I suspect for this season.

By the way, Leyton Orient's mascot came nowhere near me in the return fixture at the Match Room Stadium and we lost that game. I'll have to tag him next time, whenever that may be now that we don't play each other next season. Perhaps I am still superstitious after all?

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