Thursday, 18 April 2013

Some players will leave AFCB this summer but who?

I don't want to depress you all having had such a great last week, but there is a real chance that this weekend is the last time you will see some of our players at the Goldsands Stadium. Some of our players will be off to pastures new in the summer and guess what, neither you nor I get to decide who. Thank goodness for that, how do you decide who to let go?

There is no doubt that AFCB's squad is still fairly large and while it is hoped that we can play in the Championship next season, before that first game there will be some decisions to be made at Dean Court, especially over who stays and where we need to strengthen.

I am sure that Eddie and Jason already have a good idea in their mind of potential targets if (or should I say when?) we do get promoted. While the generosity of Mr Maxim Denim has given the team a good platform from which to climb the leagues, it is likely that such funding is not limitless. Mr Mitchell is keen it seems to do some restructuring and this summer is a good opportunity to make sure we are shipshape for next season.

Cherry Chimes can only guess who may leave AFCB over the summer.

As Darrel Flahavan was not one of Eddie's signings I think he will be under most pressure to keep his place at the Cherries and I expect him to move on with the younger keepers we have already on our books.

Dan Seaborne is on loan to us at the moment from Southampton and his future is uncertain as he will enter new  contract negotiations over the summer with the Saints. I have a feeling he may return to AFCB.

Miles Addison is also likely to be leaving having resigned the captaincy. Moreover, if Eddie prefers Dan Seaborne and wants to keep hold of Joe Partington as a young central defender, Miles may be on his way.

Stephane Zubar has been injured but will make pre-season training. The trouble is I am not sure he is a player that Eddie wants, even though he is adored by the fans. I think he makes great cover for Francis. I hope he stays, but fear he may be allowed to go.

Donal McDermott is young but has not forced his way into the team much this season and he may be surplus to requirements.

Wes Thomas has stated that he does not want to be a Cherry any more so if the price is right I am sure he will be off when this current season ends.
There are one or two others that I feel are borderline like Josh McQuiod, Charlie Sherringham and maybe even Wes Fogden and Richard Hughes.

It is not just the players current form, age and contracts that have to be taken into consideration, but also if other players become available that Jason and Eddie think can do the job better.

As for Steve Fletcher, he promised that he would lead the team out for the first match if they reached the Championship and I'm holding him to it. You'll have to do a whole pre-season though for the privilege of 10 minutes Steve!

Of course Bournemouth may receive other offers for players and will decide if they can release any of their players if a top Premiership or Championship team comes in for them. It should be quite an exciting summer ahead.

Who do you think is heading out of Dean Court? Add your comments.


  1. No mention of Demouge? He is on loan. Likely to leave?

  2. Tubbs. I think Eddie might be quite ruthless.

  3. Flahavan, Buchel, Thomas, Zubar, Stockley, Meades & McDermott to start with