Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Nothing like a Blades v Bees game for AFCB fans

Well, last night was exciting wasn't it? Are you still buzzing? I think that the match highlights of the Sheffield Utd v Brentford game will mainly be the referee holding up his right arm to wave either the yellow or red card! Then we had the saga of missed penalties and the confusion of who we wanted to score.

At first it was Brentford who were the bad guys, taking a 1:0 lead, which actually would have been good for AFCB as long as we won our last two games. But  before you knew it the ref started dishing out cards left, right and centre. Bramall Lane must have represented something like a medieval battle field.

Trotta's goal may have given the Bees the lead but they were soon pegged back and overtaken by the Blades with AFCB fans cursing Mr Kitson as usual. With the Bees down to 9 men and the Blades with 10 there seemed little hope of any redemption for AFCB fans who suddenly realised that Sheffield would be able to overcome the Cherries in the table and it could all come down to goal difference!! Missed penalties and more booking just added to the drama, but I don't think many Cherry fans were enjoying the evening.

Then Bradley Wright-Philips came on and, would you believe it, he just went and scored to level. I swear there were more whoops of joy, shouting and screaming in the southern county of Dorset than could be heard in Brentford or at Bramall Lane. Even when 
Sheffield's McMahon hit the post in time added Brentford's keeper Moore made a fantastic save, Bournemouth fans were on the edge of their seats.

When the ref finally blew for full time the twitter feed went mad. By the way, I was told the ref - Keith Stroud - used to live in Bournemouth. I am sure he was correct in every decision he made last night, hhh, hmm.

I wonder did Eddie Howe wrote the script? I am sure he would have been at the game and probably had a big smile on his face as he left the ground. With the prefect result and lots of cards for suspensions I don't think cherry fans could have hoped for more.

I had the pleasure of telling last night's score to two jubilant Junior Cherry supporters this morning.

Still, as more than one careful observer among the Cherry fans mentioned - we have won nothing yet. The real work as Eddie Howe has said all along comes on the next two Saturdays when AFCB have to claim their place in the Championship with two more wins.

AFCB are the best team in this league - now let's show everyone that they also have the best supporters. Get ready for Red&Black day.

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