Saturday, 20 April 2013

Heart in mouth time for fans of the Cherries!

Well, the last home game of the season is just a few hours away now. How are the nerves doing? I am a complete wreck and yet am also brimmed to the top with heart felt excitement - or buzzing as my boys would say. I still have to drive down to Bournemouth, so I hope to calm down a bit.

I can't really believe that AFCB are on the verge of securing automatic promotion to the Championship. Someone will pinch me in a minute. But this day is going to be special, I am sure. The players want this just as much as you or me, perhaps even more so. They want to repay Eddie Howe for the fabulous fellow he is. Simply being around him must be infectious for the players. What a job Eddie, Jason and all the back room staff have done. Quite amazing.

The atmosphere will be calm at first with the player awards being handed out, but come 3 O'Clock there will be more of an intense felling around the ground as the Red&Black shirts look to make history. Of course, we will still need Sheffield Utd and Brentford to draw or lose their games as well as winning our own match for automatic promotion today. I'm not even going to go into goal difference. 

I know there will be moments when I will look around the faces at Dean Court and see those expectant eyes of fans hoping and praying for the Cherries to have one of their outstanding games of the season. We will be checking our phones for scores elsewhere.  I will see the Junior Cherries look in puzzlement at their mums and dads who may seem slightly more tense than usual today. I'll hear the roar as the players come onto the pitch. Balloons and horns at the ready.

Whatever happens we will sing with pride today. This team deserves everything we have got in our hearts to drive them over the finishing line. Don't let up. Show your passion. Wear your shirt with pride and cheer the Cherries on to a memorable win.

There is every possibility that grown men from Bournemouth will be crying this evening or next weekend. I was a boy last time that the Cherries played at the Championship level. It's been too long since we adorned that league.

The Cherries are going up! We can help make it happen.

Good luck to the 11 on the pitch and the subs when they come on. We are all rooting for you.

Let's make some noise for the boys.

Just another normal Saturday then. And yes, we might have to try and do it all again next weekend a little further away from home.


Happy Birthday to Duncan Graham, avid AFCB fan and Cherry Chimes reader.

If you haven't already checked out Cartoon Capers episode 4 yet, Robert and Stephen have been working on a new winning strip for the Cherries. Please take a look.

I apologise if my match AFCB report will be a little late this weekend, but I will probably be keen to see the Hartlepool V Brentford game before driving back and starting to write things up on Sunday.

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