Tuesday, 14 January 2014

A tense affair but the Cherries knock Burton out of the cup 4:1

AFCB 4 v 1 Burton Albion
FA Cup Third Round
14 January 2014
Attendance 10,343

So the cup game that never was is finally on and thanks to the generosity of AFCB fans, Burton Albion were able to bring a few coach loads of fans to enliven the atmosphere at this re-scheduled third round FA Cup tie. The big question for Cherry fans was who would Eddie Howe play? Well, it was a very strong starting line up with Allsop coming in for Camp, who was cup-tied, and Cook coming back in for Ward. Meanwhile, Pitman and Rantie came in up front for Surman and Grabban and Marc Pugh replaced Ryan Fraser on the wing. Sadly, there was still no sign of Coulibaly on the bench, but Jalal and McQuoid were available. there is no doubt that Eddie Howe wanted to win this game, now it was up to the players to see if they were up for it.

Weir and MacDonald were withdrawn from Burton Albion's starting line up, while Bell and Buxton came into the team.

Match Description
Listening to BBC Radio Derby and Owen Bradley with Tony Bentley
BBC Radio Solent did not want to work on Cherries player!

There was plenty of rain and a slick surface to play on. Burton were in yellow with black socks and AFCB in the red and black home kit. The first half began with AFCB attacking the North stand.

Francis and Cook have it at the back, then Daniels with Buxton pressing. AFCB come forward and Rantie is in the area and is blocked near the penalty spot. Phil Edwards made the block on the six yard box. Rantie again tries to get in and Pugh snatched his shot. Good start from AFCB - 5 minute gone.

Daniels chips the ball forward but Edward clears and McGurk has it. O'Kane then clears. Palmer to Philips, a deflected cross and it comes to Kee and Daniels clears. Pitman finds Rantie cuts in and lays it back and the ball comes out to the far side to Ritchie and is put in on the far post - 1:0 AFCB! Pitman slotted home from close range. Just the start Eddie Howe would have dreamed of.

Arter now challenged by Edwards. Buxton concedes a corner.Bournemouth's high tempo is causing Burton problems the commentators say. AFCB have the ball with O'Kane, a good ball to Fancis, Burton players are losing their footing but McCrory clears. Buxton finds Daniels and his shot deflects off Edwards for another AFCB corner.

Daniels corner is stopped by McGurk. The rain is howling in. The Burton captain picks it up. It's out for a throw in. Allsop has the ball. 10 minutes gone. Burton have a free kick. Daniels clears to Rantie who's cross is headed wide by Pitman under pressure from Sharps.

Rantie again skips past a defender and finds Pugh and then Daniels, Pugh again and Burton have the throw.Burton are defending their box well. Ritchie loses it a three on three break and Philips and McGurk should have a corner but it's given as a goal kick. Daniels and Arter to Francis up the right to Ritchie and Rantie, but Diamond beats him in the air.

Arter drives at the midfield. Pugh clips the ball over but there is a push on diamond by Pitman. Lyness kicks long but Key loses the ball to Pugh. Daniels and Arter inside is being pushed back to Cook and O'Kane good ball to Rantie and Pitman. Buxton challenges and O'Kane and then Daniels has a shot. Daniels and Pugh are already causing problems on the left wing.

McGurk is now playing on the left as Burton change formation. Pugh is dispossessed but wins a free kick as Lee Bell fouled. Palmer intercepts and Daniels has it. Rantie mis-controls. McGurk springs the ball long but AFCB have the ball again. Burton are only getting a couple of passes together. 

Rain still falling. O'Kane to Elphick and Francis, AFCB finding lots of time and space. It's on the right but Lyness has to clear. Palmer is now sitting in front of the back four for Burton going 4-1-4-1. Edwards and Kee have the ball over to Sharps. Palmer now to the left and McCrory. Kee against Francis. Philips and a Burton player goes down easy and nothing is given. Arter to Cook and out to Daniels then Rantie to Daniels against Edwards. Rantie has a bag full of tricks he turns and hits a good shot with Lyness making a great save bottom left. There is 28 minutes gone. Rantie is receiving some treatment.

Ritchie back to Francis and Arter. Rantie passes Edwards but is taken out and Edwards is yellow carded. Rantie has pace to burn tonight. A free kick from the left, but too high and out from Pitman. Rantie is away and Lyness comes out to clear outside his area.

McCrory is spreading the ball wide but Pugh collects it and draws three to him. It drops to Pitman and he goes down and it's another free kick near the box. 20 yards from goal. Pitman fancies this, but there are five around the ball. Pitman hits the wall. The pace down the wings is what is hurting Burton. Rantie has it and Ritchie volleys the ball down and it goes over the bar!

The wind is blowing as well as the rain beating down but it does not seem to be hurting AFCB's play. Kee holds the ball up and gives it to McGurk and Palmer now Bell to Philips shoots from 25 yards and the ball is deflected off Cook and it wrong foots Allsop to go in the net! It's 1-1 and a goal to Burton completely against the run of play, 34 minutes gone. This has changed the mood at Dean Court.

Daniels now and Rantie to Arter. Spread to O'Kane and beats Kee but sharps stood up against Pitman. Ritchie fires it out of play. Nine minutes to half time. Rantie controls and brings it down , but he loses it. Simon Francis loses the ball to Philips. Kee and Bell but Pugh has it to Daniels and Pitman in the area Lyness puts his left arm out for another good save. Daniels really made that move.

The corner is cleared as Burton break, but it's out of play. McGurk and McCrory picks up a foul. They bring the big men up. Diamond rise and Allsop gets to the ball but did not get it. He wanted a free kick bit did not get one. Five minutes to half time. Bell shoots wide of the post and ripples the side netting with a left foot shot on the turn.

Francis is stopped by McGurk. Cook on half way. Rantie turns his man and it's and AFCB throw. Arter shoots outside the box but Lyness makes the save. Palmer now and McGurk and Lee Bell loses it to Rantie. Pugh on the left back to Rantie and drills it right at Lyness.

Francis plays the ball to Daniels. Pugh is out wide and tries to beat Edwards. A throw to AFCB. O'Kane and Daniels with Buxton harrying. Pitman loses it to Kee. Francis wins it back. 35 yards out Pugh shoots and its deflected for a corner. Lyness makes another good save and its a corner again. This time the quick corner taken by Daniels is steered in by Tommy Elphick on the right hand post 2:1 to the Cherries!

There is two minutes extra time. Daniels slips the ball to Rantie and then Ritchie's has a deflected shot that goes for another corner. Ball comes back to Daniels then Pugh a chip is headed away. Ritchie now to Cook, Daniels and Pugh, back in to O'Kane and then Francis. O'Kane goes back to half way and Bell intercepts and Palmer is fouled by Rantie.

AFCB are playing well and Burton are having to chase the ball hard. Conceding and early goal was not a good start for Burton but they have to be better in possession. How often have we heard that for AFCB? Rowlett has made three formation changes so it is not that the Brewers have not tried to make a game of it. Daniels is the player that Burton don't like marauding forward, but they don't know how to swap it round so that he has to defend.

BBC Radio Solent has decided to join us online. I'll switch over for the second half to hear Willo. I did wonder why the clock on Cherries player was counting down to the start of the game when we were heading to half time!
Half time
Half time stats read 17 AFCB shots to 3 Burton shots, 6 corners to 0. A thank you Cherries banner is being taken around the ground by Burton fans at half time.

There are no changes at half time. Francis beats McCrory but its out for a free kick. Kee to Philips and Daniels mops up and now Rantie. Pitman 30 yards out to Daniels, Pugh and O'Kane back out to Francis. In it goes to Pugh and Arter. Burton have everyone back. McCrory wins it and finds key and Bell and now Edwards coming forward on the right but Cook picks it up.

Eddie Howe catches the ball and gives it to Francis. great run by Francis up the right wing, pulled back to Pugh and his low daisy cutter hits the post! Steve Cook now down the left to Pugh. Five and a half minutes gone in the second half. AFCB have not made the fourth round since 2005.

O'Kane and Arter to Francis who plays it to Ritchie but catches McCrory and Ritchie gets booked. A long crossfield ball is wasted by Burton. McGurk is 30 yards out he finds Philips but his shot is well wide.

Fraser is stripped and ready for action. Ritchie goes off. Lost commentary for a bit here!

O'Kane conceded a corner. On the break Pitman has a shot that is saved. Rantie fouls Sharps. Arter then wins a free kick. Pugh's shot is saved bottom left, 62 minutes gone. Burton make a sub as MacDonald comes on for Buxton.

McGurk 30 yards out on the left to McCrory and Cook heads it over his own cross bar. nervy times for AFCB. The noise has dried up. Rantie hooks the ball away and with Fraser he makes a break but Fraser can't latch on to the pass that goes to the keeper. 

Francis to Arter who is chopped by Sharps. Free kick from the right. Daniels goes square to Arter but Philips charges it down. O'Kane and Arter again but Burton counter. MacDonald holds the ball up. Last 20 minutes. Bell the Burton captain to Kee and Francis clears to Fraser. Willo says: "We are in touching distance can we seen it through."

Pugh comes off and is replaced by Andrew Surman on 71 minutes. Burton bring on Hussey and take off Bell on 72 minutes. Rantie is playing as the loan striker for AFCB supported by Surman, Pitman and Fraser.

Francis down the right. O'Kane plays a dangerous ball back to Elphick with Kee lurking but gets away with it. AFCB win a corner but Elphick puts a chance over from outside the box. The pitch is starting to cut up. The North stand are shouting "Come on Bournemouth." "That's mainly because it is so tense," says Willo.

Frnacis is tackled by McCrory but wins it back and finds Cook. The Cherries have a free kick 40 yards out. It's short to Surman and Francis to Fraser. Sharps challenge gives the Cherries a corner. Arter in the box but it's cleared by Edwards. Hussey clears with McGurk then Elphick hits a wild shot behind. There's 13 minutes to go. Knowles replaces Kee on 79 minutes.

Grabban comes on for Rantie on 82 minutes. Pitman makes a run and passes to Fraser who has a right footed shot and makes it 3:1Over the keeper and into the back of the net that should make it easier now. Daniels to Harry Arter who is now making a run into the box but he has been brought down - penalty! Pitman makes it 4:1, bottom right corner. Extra time now.

Pitman is on a hat-trick and sprints over to get the ball for a free kick. just 30 seconds of extra time to go. Right footed it's over the wall and in the South stand.

Allsop, Francis, Cook, Elphick, Daniels, Ritchie, Arter, O'Kane, Pugh, Rantie and Pitman

AFCB subs:
Jalal, Harte, Ward, Surman, Fraser, McQuoid, Grabban

Burton Albion:
Lyness, Edwards, Sharps, Diamond, McCrory, Buxton, Bell, Palmer, Phillips, McGurk, Kee.

Burton Albion Subs:
Holness, Weir, Hussey, MacDonald, Harness, Knowles, Seigris.

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