Saturday, 18 January 2014

AFCB fans go Liverpool FA ticket crazy!

I guessed that those who had queued over night and camped out in Dean Court's beloved car park just may find that their desire for an FA Cup ticket for AFCB v Liverpool could just be worth all the hassle, rain and cold chilly wind. For some it will have been worth it because they will have succeeded, but for the vast majority who tried in vain over the phone and online it was always a gamble it will have been a horrible experience. I hope that such supporters now consider buying a season ticket for next season to avoid such disappointment ever again, because this is a club on the up and there will be more days like the Liverpool match to come.
Tickets ran out quickly on Saturday.
If there is a footballing God up there I can only hope that the game on the 25th January ends in a draw and there will be a replay at Anfield. Perhaps then there will be a chance for some more fans to see the Cherries take on the Reds in front of the Kop.

I am sure that many will be tuned to ITV  to see the cup tie. It is bound to be more entertaining to do that than to watch a screen saying - '500-Internal Server Error! There is a problem with the resource you are looking for'.

There is something special though in seeing thousands of supporters in queues outside Dean Court in all weathers that makes you feel proud and excited. There is a buzz about the place and for those who witnessed the bad years when the club was literally on its knees you can't help but enjoy the good times. And believe it or not, hanging on the phone, clicking on the internet and queueing outside in the rain for a ticket to see AFCB v Liverpool are the good times.     

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