Friday, 24 January 2014

How good are Liverpool in the FA Cup these days?

Liverpool have a great record in the FA Cup. They have enjoyed some great finals and it is not a big surprise for their fans to reach the final stages of the competition. The final that I most think of for Liverpool is probably the 2006 match when they drew 3:3 with West Ham in what was known as the Steven Gerrard final when he hit a 30 odd yard screamer to deny the Hammers when it had looked like the cup was on its way to London.

The 1980s were probably the best period for Liverpool in the cup and while they managed three appearances in the final, they won two of those games - annoying little Wimbledon had a good game in 1988! In the 1970s they also achieved three final appearances and won two, but in the 1990s they only managed two finals and one just one of them, while they similarly appeared twice in the naughties and won once in extra time against the Hammers as mentioned. This decade they made the final in 2011-12 but lost to Chelsea.

I think AFCB fans would not mind just making the final once, although I suspect we would settle for a fourth round win this season, because it is like our cup final. That is not to say that a win against Liverpool is impossible. Their defeat last season to Oldham Athletic shows that they are not always good travellers and coming to the south coast will be strange surroundings for the Reds. 
Dean Court is not quite Anfield, but we love it.
AFCB have to put doubts in the minds of the seasoned pros at Liverpool and we can play our part as the crowd in getting behind the team and making a real cauldron of sound. It is a once in a life time opportunity almost for AFCB supporters and the players to have a special day. History may be in Liverpool's favour, but it will all be on the day and if AFCB players have a bit of luck and the right attitude it could be a long journey back to Merseyside for the Reds!

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