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Cherries well beaten by quality Wigan side 3:0

Match Description
Wigan 3 v 0 AFCB
11 January 2014
Attendance: 12,709

Eddie Howe just made one change to the starting line up at Wigan with Marc Pugh being replaced by Ryan Fraser on the left wing. Coulibaly did not make the squad, but Steve Cook did make the subs bench along with Richard Hughes. While AFCB did well to earn three points against Wigan at home earlier on the season, today was a day when they fell behind early and could not get a good foothold in the game. It was disappointing to hear that AFCB did not play not as well as they have done in recent weeks. 

Match Commentary BBC Solent

AFCB wore all black. Francis and Arter break things up and Wigan start again at the back with the keeper. AFCB as usual are 4-1-4-1. Beausejour breaks into the game and O'Kane stops McCann with an important challenge when they had a good chance to get in. AFCB have a throw on half way.

Arter finds O'Kane and then Fraser. Wigan Break, Powell then gets the first shot away but it's a comfortable save for Camp. We have some internet connection problems and I am not getting all the commentary but I'll do my best!

Arter makes a great pass and Wigan concede a corner, five minutes gone. Ritchie plays short to Surman and Ritchie gets it the far post, Arter has a chance, but the referee blows for offside - Elphick. Fortune is played in by Chris McCann. Fortune swivels in the area and fires a shot into the top corner of the goal! Wigan 1:0 AFCB. Nothing Camp could do! "He's absolutely torn the net off," says Willo. Five minutes gone.

AFCB are not great at coming from behind so this will be a big test now. Wigan come again with Boyce. Now Ritchie and Fraser beats Perch. Grabban on the right with Surman. Elphick now at the back. McArthur misses a chance to the left of the goal after 7 Minutes. McManaman is next to have a good chance from six yards but it's saved by Camp. 

O'Kane plays to Daniels and a challenge from Perch goes for a corner. It's short to Surman and Fraser. Boyce heads clear. McArthur up to Beauseajour, but Daniels picks it up. Daniels wins a free kick. Surman driving in the area but Perch again makes a tackle. "Wigan are having more time on the ball," says Willo. 

McCann moving forward and Powell's shot is saved by Camp. Ritchie gives the ball away. McManaman with an effort high and wide. AFCB are giving the ball away very cheaply. 18 minutes gone. Willo says AFCB could have been 3:0 down. "McArthur has already missed a one on one," says Willo. Powell also had a volley chance from a few yards out as well apparently.

Ritchie sends in a corner and Barnet clears to Arter and O'Kane. McArthur gets a ball over the top to Powell but Daniels gets there first. Francis to Ritchie who wins a throw.

McCann now back to Beausejour. Watson and Barnett back to Boyce and the keeper. AFCB win the ball. O'Kane to Surman and out to Fraser, O'Kane and to Ritchie. Grabban down the right, but he is offside and kicks the ball into the crowd in frustration.

Camp clears only to Perch, Fortune does not quite get there before Camp. Arter comes forward and passes to Ritchie and a deflected shot from him is saved. "A good hit from Mattie," says Willo. McManaman to Beausejour and McArthur shoots right into Camp's hands.

Grabban finds Fraser but Arter loses out to Beausejour and Al-Habsi. Fortune passes to Watson and Barnett finds Beasejour, McArthur and Perch back on his feet. AFCB force Wigan back and Elphick gives away a throw. Watson tries to get in behind Daniels.

Boyce and Barnett build again. Elphick breaks thins up but Wigan are keeping the ball well. It's the counter attacks of Wigan that are dangerous. 27 minutes gone. Ward with Daniels at the back and up to Grabban who is challenged by Boyce. "AFCB need to get further up the pitch to hurt Wigan," says Willo.

Francis and Surman give the ball away but Fortune is offside. That was a close one apparently! Watson and McArthur and Fortune again is offside. Wigan have the best record in the Championship from going ahead we are told by Andrew Moon. Thanks, that's cheered me up!

Grabban wins a free kick. Barnet clears. Fraser in the centre circle. Francis goes down the right, now O'Kane and Watson picks the ball out. Ward finds Grabban on the left. Surman and Daniels are stopped by Boyce. "We are not going to get in with one pass here," says Willo. O'Kane finds Arter but Wigan players intercept. Powell runs at Francis. McArthur and Beasejour poor ball in field. O'Kane has it.

Grabban is in behind and over runs it to let Al-Habsi claim. That was a good chance. "He will have regretted that heavy touch, " says Andrew Moon. AFCB have a free kick but Arter wastes it. Powell on the left tries a crossfield ball but it goes out in AFCB's corner. Nine minutes left this half. Fortune has a shot blocked. McArthur then sets up Powell, but AFCB survive.

Ritchie trips Powell just outside the box. This will be a shot at goal. Watson is lining it up. camp palms it up and over the bar for a corner. Seven minutes to the break and Camp gathers it off his toes on the goal line with no Wigan players around. Grabban now with Francis, but Powell covers. O'Kane trips Fortune. Fraser wins the ball and beats Watson. McCann is given a yellow card for tripping Fraser.

It may be too far out for a direct shot. Daniels moves the ball, wards wins it but it is cleared to McArthur who beats O'Kane and his shot is straight at Camp. Arter to Daniels now. Fraser to Surman switches play, but Daniels can't control it. Wigan have had a host of chances this half.

Al-Habsi has the ball. Elphick heads it. Powell down the left battles with Elphick to Beausejeur but O'Kane heads back to Camp. O'Kane and Elphick almost give the ball away and Ritchie wins the ball to Arter but he can't make the most of the pass. Fancis makes a pass to Grabban and a half chance but does not get a good contact. One minute of extra time. "AFCB finished strongly but Wigan were good value for their lead," says Andrew Moon. 

At half time Wigan have had 19 shots, seven of which were on target. AFCB have had just six shots and one of those was on target. Yet, it might surprise you to hear that AFCB have had 56 per cent of the possession and four corners compared to Wigan's two.

Second Half

The second half starts Fortune wins a free kick. McArthur misses over the bar. Francis gives away a corner and Browning heads wide.

Grabban has a chance from a Ritchie pass and misses to the left from a tight angle. Barnett concedes a corner. It's cleared. Fortune is next to have a shot blocked.

Ward plays short to Arter. O'Kane and Daniels. Fraser tries to get a cross in But Browning blocks. Marc Pugh is getting ready to come on. Surman is struggling. Powell looks to Fortune but the centre halves clear.
Wigan have a corner. Wigan come down the left Fortune shoots. Elliot Ward deflects the shot and scores an own goal! It's 2:0 Wigan. 57 minutes gone. Marc Pugh comes on for Ryan Fraser.

Surman is looking better now. He had suffered a knock. AFCB have a throw. Wigan break
with McCann an hour played. Francis makes the challenge. Ward and O'Kane finds Ritchie. Arter's ball in is blocked and Wigan can break again. Elphick covers.

Surman to Pugh who loses to Watson. Powell challenges Francis. Wigan are playing slower now. Beausejour beats Ritchie and finds Watson. McManaman is shadowed by O'Kane. Grabban now has the ball and runs into trouble. Arter is receiving treatment.

McManaman comes off and Jordi Gomez comes on for Wigan, 62 minutes gone. Rantie is coming on for Arter on 63 minutes. "An opportunity for Rantie to come on and make a big impact," says Willo.

There are 25 minutes to go. Rantie almost stole in against Barnett! Let off for Wigan. Gomez finds Barnett and Beausejour, but Elphick comes across.  Francis concedes a corner. Beausejour's cross comes into the box, McCann's shot is saved. Pugh finds Ritchie on the edge of the Wigan box, but his shot is saved. AFCB corner is cleared.

Pitman replaces Ritchie on 72 minutes.

Pitaman has a good chance but fires just left of the post! Grabban now plays in Francis cuts back but Pugh hits it into the arms of Al-Habsi. It was an awkward height and slightly behind him. Pugh on the half way line. Daniels is fouled by Gomez.

Wigan sub, Espinoza replaces Ben Watson on 78 minutes. Francis heads the ball in to the box and Rantie shoots over, but it's a free kick anyway to Wigan. Rantie shows quick feet and finds Pugh. Daniels and Rantie, Pitman on the edge of the area tries to nutmeg Boyce but does not succeed.

Pugh misplaced pass to Rantie. 10 minutes to go. Wigan are now just playing one up front. Fortune down the left then Powell, beats Francis and Daniels clears at the far post. Browning is in behind and slices his shot into the crowd.

Grabban lets the ball get away from him. Pugh beats McArthur to Rantie who has a great chance but Al-Habsi makes the save. Willo says it should have been a penalty with Boyce's challenge on Rantie.  Pugh has been a big influence since coming on.

Pugh is taken down by Gomez. AFCB with Daniels the cross comes to Pitman and then Ward who puts it over! Six minutes left. Espinoza to Fortune and headed out by Ward. Powell to Beausejour who drills it over the bar.

AFCB playing well in the last quarter of the match but it's all too late. Beausejour skips around Grabban. McArthur and Browning right footed cross to McCann over the bar.

Espinoza to Gomez and he finds Barnett. Beausejour and McArthur but Francis wins the ball. Pugh is tackled.  Powell has a shot that goes over. 

We have lost commentary again but I have read that Fortune passed to Gomez on the edge of the box and his left footed strike made it 3:0! No way back from here for the Cherries. Well beaten today.

Rantie has a great chance and puts it straight at Al-Habsi. All over 3:0.

A heavy defeat for the Cherries, but AFCB gave the ball away too much in the first half today. It was good to hear that the team played well in spells and made some chances but it appears that Wigan could have won by a much bigger margin. But this was a big ground to come to and losing to Wigan by three goals was about right by the sound of the commentary. They just had more quality than the Cherries. One goal would perhaps of given us a foothold, but it was not happening today for AFCB. One to forget I think, especially for Mr ward who earns AFCB's first and let's hope last own goal of the season.


Camp, Francis, Ward, Elphick, Daniels, O'Kane, Arter, Surman, Ritchie, Fraser, and Grabban


Allsop, Cook,  Harte, Hughes, Pitman, Rantie and Pugh


Al-Habsi, Perch, Beausejeur, McCann, Boyce, Barnett, McManaman, McArthur, Fortune, Watson and Powell

Wigan Subs

Crainy, Holt, McClean, Nicholls, Jordi Gomez, Espinoza and Browning.

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