Monday, 13 January 2014

Attitude of AFCB players has been terrific

The Wigan game showed Eddie Howe that when the Cherries are not quite at the races they will be pulled apart in the Championship. Everyone has to be on their game for the Cherries to win points and the fact that the team has already secured 30 points tells me that most weeks they have not disappointed anyone. There would always be a day or two when performances slipped a bit, but it can't be repeated regularly because it would be a dangerous trend. 
A big week ahead for the Cherries.
The Wigan match was only the second game that AFCB have failed to score away from home the first time being against QPR, although they have had several blanks at home against Bolton, Derby and Birmingham. In a way I think the defeat will be just the motivation that AFCB players need to go into the game against Burton Albion with. That bitter taste should make them hungry and it should hurt. You could tell it hurt Tommy Elphick in his post match interview.

Tommy Elphick was unhappy about the Wigan defeat. 
It is possible that Cook could be given some game time against
 Burton Albion and perhaps Elphick will have a mid-week rest.
"It was disappointing on our part more than frustrating. We have been working all week towards this game and we knew they would have a game plan to stop us playing and press us hard up the pitch and we let ourselves down a little bit in the first 20 minutes." said Tommy. "We started the second half well and then conceded and other poor goal."

"The gaffer doesn't leave no stone unturned and gives is every bit of information we need and it's up yo us to go out and deliver," he added...."Again it was good travelling support today and I just feel sorry for them." 

Hopefully Tommy has a happier message to report on
Tuesday night and Saturday afternoon this week.
Some of the players won't get the chance to put things right against Burton Albion but they will have the Watford game to think about. These two home games could be season defining. If both are won, the Wigan game will mean little more than a missed opportunity to add to a growing points tally. But if the next two games are lost, AFCB will miss out on a glorious cup tie and find themselves wondering if other teams are catching them in the league. While the cup game is important, the home game against Watford is massive in my opinion, and not because of what happened at Watford earlier on in the season.

The players heads have to be right for these two games. That is why I say they should forget about the Wigan match or at least learn from it, but don't dwell on it. Positive thoughts can take a team a long way and I would rather the players relish the chance to play apart in the next two games than to look back. These are big games. This is what it's all about and when we look back at the end of the season, I believe this week will be in fans' minds more than most whatever the results.

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