Thursday, 9 January 2014

Can Ritchie add anything more to his game?

Watching Matt Ritchie play in an AFCB shirt is still something that makes me have to pinch myself every time I see him, sorry Swindon Town fans. He is such a star player with the right kind of attitude and dedication that I feel we are so lucky to have him at the club. Any youngster watching him play can't fail to be inspired.

If Ritchie adds much more to his game a bigger club is surely going to snap him up.
He has already started to move swiftly up the club goal scoring chart and could well catch up with Lewis Grabban or at least close the gap. He is very quick thinking as well and seems to know where he should be at the right moment to find a yard of space, which is all he needs to get a shot away. I have been pondering though can he get any better? There is not a lot he would need to add to his game in my opinion apart from more experience. He is probably never going to be a good header of the ball, but he does not need to be with his magical feet. His striking ability is what excites the most about him, because he can hit the ball from so far out and never seems to worry about hitting a shot early.

Ritchie's form certainly lifted the team in December.
Of course the better Ritchie gets, the more we might expect other teams to become interested in him. It will be a big decision to turn away a good sum from a Premiership club. I have no doubt that Ritchie will grace the Premiership at some point, but it would be amazing if he could do it with AFCB.  

Ritchie was not able to play against Wigan Athletic back in August because of injury. While AFCB won that game narrowly by a single goal, the Cherries will need Ritchie to be on his top form against a strong Wigan side at home. I'll start focusing on Wigan in the next two days as the game gets closer.

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