Tuesday, 21 January 2014

"It would have been nice to beat them!"

Those were the words of Lewis Grabban in his post match interview with BBC Radio Solent after the Watford game. While AFCB are starting to get on top of teams at home they are still finding it difficult to put away chances created. Grabban was admittedly disappointed to miss one of the penalties which was the first spot kick that he had ever missed professionally. He felt that he had a bit too much time to think about it which was surely the plan of Watford players.
Grabban will remember last week for some time to come.
"I should have slipped it down the middle," Grabban said. "But I still scored the first one and we were still able to get the draw." Overall, I think AFCB have some pretty good penalty takers and it is not often that we end up disappointed when a penalty has been awarded for our team at Dean Court. Perhaps more annoying was that Watford were not reduced to nine men and that AFCB were not able to get the second goal that they deserved for their dominance.

Most of the talk this week has been about the disputed second penalty award and having seen it now several times on replay I agree with TalkSport's Adrian Durham that the speed that Marc Pugh was going at made the fall look dramatic, but that Hall did clip him as he passed Almunia. Sorry Watford fans I believe it was a penalty, but alI credit Almunia for making a great save and stopping the follow ups from going in.

Whether Watford were lucky to get away with a point is a matter of debate but Grabban thought AFCB should have got more out of the game. "I thought that Watford were always dangerous on the break, especially in the first half. They haven't really troubled us too much," said Grabban. "A mistake on our part has gifted them a goal. That was unfortunate, but I thought we were good today. In certain ways we need to be a bit better and we'll be winning those games."

Grabban will really make a name for himself if he can score against Liverpool.
If we leap forward a few days to the FA Cup tie and see the potential for Grabban to step up for another penalty I have no qualms about him being the man to take the pressure kick. I suspect the tension would be enormous but the joy of scoring such a goal will surely be going through the mind of Grabban during this week and if he does get the opportunity how fitting that would be for him to score the goal that gets AFCB through in such a huge tie for the club.

I am sure the disappointment of Watford will soon be removed this week as the club can go out and really look to enjoy the FA Cup and all its build up this week. As fans, we can suck it all in live on the adrenaline of whatever interviews are available and start to believe the unimaginable.

While it would have been nice to beat Watford last weekend it would be better still if AFCB can beat Liverpool on Saturday.  It was already unthinkable that Lewis Grabban would still be an AFCB player this week, so why can't we start to believe that he could be the one to bring AFCB the biggest result for the club in many a year.  UTCIAD!


  1. Tom Daley has his new diving partner....

  2. Fitz Hall won the ball very clearly so it wasn't a penalty. Watch it again and watch Hall's boot and the ball and you will clearly see it was good tackle.

  3. Can have a diving competition with Surez..

  4. Durham thinks it was a penalty? No surprise considering his hatred for Watford.