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Match Preview: Cherry Chimes talks to Leicester Til I Die

AFCB v Leicester City
Match Preview
Blogger Interview - Leicester Til I Die

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Cherry Chimes speaks to Chris Forryan who write the Leicester Til I Die website. We spoke earlier in the season when the Cherries lost 2:1 away to the Foxes and since then Leicester City have gone to the top of the league so how confident is Chris that his team can stay there until  the end of the season?

CC: Are you surprised to be clear at the top after the Christmas games?

LTID: What a difference 12 months make. This time last year we couldn't buy a win this year we're looking at the possibilty of a winning record. Wasn't surprised to be top, mildly surprised we managed to stay there and are 8 points clear. (CC: I can tell you Leicester won midweek and have that record 8 wins in a row!)

CC: Leicester have been on a great winning run since mid-December, do you think the players believe in themselves now - that Derby Co game did the trick didn't it?

LTID: The Derby game was amazing but the Leeds game was just as important showing we can soak up pressure and still win, something that we wouldn't have done last season. The memory of the bad run and play-off semi defeat in the way it happened has galvanized them.

CC: Why has David Nugent been such a prolific scorer for you?

LTID: He has had 12 penalties of which he has scored 9 so that helps his figures. Being the reconised penalty taker will help the stats but he has struck up an amazing partnership with Jamie Vardy, who has won most of those penalties for the team.

CC: Leeds recently played a high pressing game against Leicester and they almost got the lead so is this where Leicester are a bit vulnerable when their defenders are harried at the back?

LTID: In past seasons yes, but this term even if we go behind we feel we can come back and win, just look at the recent 5-3 win over Bolton Wanderers.

CC: While Leicester have scored plenty of goals they have also let in an equal amount, so do you expect a few quality defenders will be required over the summer no matter where you finish?

LTID: As I said look at the Bolton game so yes is the simple answer. We have a good squad but a small one.

CC: How do you think the team will be set up when you play away to Bournemouth?

LTID: The team currently picks itself with the same starting line up for the past 8 games so don't expect any changes. It is for you to worry about us.

CC: Are you worried that Nigel Pearson could be tempted to leave the club if a Premiership managerial position comes available and do you think he can do it in the Premiership?

LTID: Nigel is very loyal I believe. The club stayed loyal to him and think he would to us. Having said that if a Manchester or Chelsea came in for him who would stand in his way, but I don't think he is that good just yet.

CC: Kevin Phillips was a surprising signing considering he is 40 years old, but do you think his experience is what the team needed at this stage of the season?

LTID: Defiantly. Could be the signing of the Championship this season.

CC: Is there any player in your team that you think Premiership or foreign clubs might come in for in the summer?

LTID: Take your pick. Schemichel, Knockaert, Vardy, Drinkwater, Moore it would be easier to say who wouldn't they come in for.

CC: Which games do you feel are most important to win now, you still have some top six teams to play - late March and early April looks tricky when the pressure will be on won't it?

LTID: To be honest without sounding big headed we need to win every game. We are the team to beat and the pressure is on the other teams to come and beat us, we have the points on the board.

CC: Who do you think your player of the season will be?

LTID: Take your pick from 11. For me though Jamie Vardy. Bought form Non League Fleetwood Town for a non league record fee of £1 million he struggled last season but has been brilliant this term. He's quick and know where the goal is.

Okay, Chris thanks for your answers. It looks like it is up to the Cherries to try and stop the Leicester juggernaut. I wondered if you might be confident having seen eight wins in a row. It will be intriguing to see if the pitch is a bit of a leveler after the rain we have had, while AFCB's players have found a bit of form at home and did okay in the slippery conditions last time out. Let's see if Leicester can hold their footing at Dean Court!

For more of Chris' views please visit his site at Leicester Til I Die.

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  1. "This time last year we couldn't buy a win..."? That's not true. This time last year (ie, 31 January) City beat Wolves 2-1, our fifth win on the bounce.

    The next match we were away at Peterborough (then bottom of the table - ie, ten places below where the Cherries are now) and lost. From then on to the end of the season was when we couldn't buy a win. So let's not count any chickens just yet, eh?