Monday, 6 January 2014

Backroom staff changes at AFCB

As we know, Chris Hargreaves left AFCB today to take up his position as manager at Torquay and it subsequently followed that Paul Groves and Shaun Brooks had resigned from their positions, according to the Bournemouth Echo. That leaves quite a hole in the backroom training staff at AFCB and it will be interesting to see if Eddie Howe looks to bring some more staff in quickly. I wonder of a few are sitting uneasy at Burnley, as Eddie and Jason left a lot of staff there when they returned to the south coast.

Chris Hargreaves watches Wes Thomas shooting before Ipswich match.
Andrew Surman is put through his paces by Chris Hargreaves.
Many fans have already been wondering if Steve Fletcher will change his role at the club. Stephen Purches could also be asked to do some extra duties.

Will such matters affect the players? Well I hope not, although some familiar faces no longer being around will no doubt be missed. Yet, AFCB is a club that seems to transform and evolve constantly and this season is no different.

What an opportunity for a young coach though who would get the opportunity to work with the youth team or the first team at a Championship club. Surely there will be no shortage of applicants, but it is another administerial job to do when perhaps Howe at least will be keen to be focusing on player matters, which is busy enough with the transfer window now open. At least the opportunity should allow Eddie to bring in the people he wants.

Good luck to all those who have left the club, particularly good luck to Chris who I hope does well at Torquay. I already see a possible pre-season friendly being arranged.

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  1. Joe Roach.
    He should never have been released in the first place.