Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Rantie starts to feel at home - must be the weather!

It was great to hear that Tokelo Rantie have a good evening at Dean Court last night. The value of strikers in this league shows itself all the time. Huddersfield were lacking their main forward while AFCB could bring on their highest costing striker to win the game. At some points during the evening there were worries that the game could have been abandoned, but thanks to some frantic forking before kick off and half time the pitch just about stayed playable.
Rantie breaks his home scoring duck.
The conditions were terrible at the Goldsands stadium last night but it was a battling effort that won AFCB the three points. Huddersfield goal keeper Smithies made three amazing saves in the first half with Ward, Arter and Ritchie especially going close. Marc Pugh was said to run himself into the ground on the wings where it was treacherous under foot. It was Pugh who won the first opportunity to get AFCB on the score sheet and this time there was not many complaints from the Huddersfield players when he went down in the box. The pressure must have been on Grabban more than ever, to take the spot kick having missed his last one. At least this one was at the other end of the pitch in front of the north stand and with him slotting away the kick it looked like AFCB were well on their way to a home win.
TK could do no wrong against Huddersfield and was cheered after scoring.

It wasn't just the weather that was making it hard for the Cherries to get that home win though. Huddersfield are a good footballing side and they were able to strike back quickly through Calum Woods and yet again I had that sinking feeling that it might not be AFCB's night after all.

For some reason Willo who is always confident that TK can do the business was even more sure that Rantie would score when he came on. And surprise, surprise Rantie wasted no time in finding the back of the net with the help of an upright. While it was a battle to the end this win makes a tremendous difference not only to the look of the table but to the players' confidence. Now the home games are starting to bring points and TK is going to feel a lot more at home after this.

Rantie is interviewed after the match.

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