Friday, 3 January 2014

Elphick finally leads a team out at the Amex

Tommy Elphick must have had very mixed emotions on Wednesday when he led AFCB out at the Amex stadium. While Tommy had been due to lead out a Brighton side for the first ever match at the newly built stadium, injury had denied him the opportunity and a move to Bournemouth might have seen him never get the opportunity to lead a team out at the Amex. However, when AFCB won promotion last season and Brighton failed to go up in the play-offs, Tommy must have knew as captain of the Cherries that he stood a very good chance of leading a team out at Brighton's stadium after all.
Good job Tommy blessed that post, it came in handy later on
when the ball thudded against it.
Even this season though there could have been circumstances when it did not happen. We saw that Tommy did not get into the team for some time, although he did play in the home game against Brighton in November, as did fellow ex-Seagull Steve Cook. But it was the game at the Amex that both players would have pencilled in as probably their biggest game of the season for personal reasons.
Tommy warms up at the Amex.
Tommy had another great game at the heart of AFCB's defence.
The game on New Year's Day went fairly well for Tommy and with Elliott Ward, the central pair played their part in coming so close to getting the clean sheet that Tommy would have been so keen to earn in front of his former club. It was always going to be a special day for Tommy and I am just glad that he can tick another achievement off and now look to build something special at AFCB.

All Departments reviews the thrilling match at the Amex with its latest podcast. Visit All Departments' website or listen by scrolling down to the All Departments logo and sound bar on Cherry Chimes' right hand panel.

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