Monday, 20 January 2014

Grabban is an asset worth keeping hold of

I walked into the Goldsands stadium on Saturday expecting Pitman to be leading AFCB's line in the Watford game as AFCB got used to life without Grabban. Unlike a few supporters who had seen Lewis training on Friday, I had not been privy to any news other than the Brighton chairman was away and the transfer was taking longer to complete. So when I bumped into Mike Botto I had things confirmed - Grabban is staying! What's more, he'd signed a three and a half year contract.
Grabban marked his reunion with a spot kick goal at the weekend.
Like many supporters I suspect, I was shocked. Eddie Howe had done his magic. It was virtually like making a double signing as we had not lost Lewis and there was still a chance to supplement the team with another striker in this window. I suppose the new contract is to ward off other bids from clubs for Grabban, which would certainly come in if others now believe that his services would be available for around £1.1 million. The pleasing comments from Lewis though are that he wants to stay.

"I'm happy hear and that's why I have signed a new deal here. And I'm happy to keep playing my football," said Grabban. "I've always known that there is a vision here at Bournemouth and it was just about thinking about my future and what was going to be best and I decided that it would be best if my future was here.

"As a footballer, I think some people don't understands as fans. You have to, in those situations, see what  others have to say you can't just be blind to what's going on around you. If you are doing well then you are doing well. But if you end up staying at your club, then you stay. It's just how football runs. It can be tough some times. But the outcome to the situation has been positive."

I hope it was not  just because AFCB play his favourite team next - Liverpool. I am sure it may have helped a smidgen in his decision, but it is the long term career prospects that Grabban says he was looking at. That he feels Eddie Howe is building something special here is good to hear. Now that he has his new contract he will be encouraged to go on and get 20+ goals this season. While he added to his total on Saturday against Watford it is a shame that he did not put away the second spot kick as well.

Grabban must look to hit 20 goals this season now.
While Eddie has been playing down chances of making signings in this window, I believe there will be at least one. In what position is hard to say but with the comments in the week that Maxim Demin has been regularly in contact and that the relationship between manager and chairman is strong, I suspect that Eddie has been given the money to get in a target or two. Time will tell. Joe Mason speculation seems to have been denied by AFCB.

Even if AFCB do not get any one else in, the team is not sitting too badly to retain its Championship status and that has to be the only goal that is essential this season. Much can change over the summer and with the group of players AFCB have there is much to build upon at the club. Lewis Grabban for one looks like he will be around a little while longer. While he might not yet be the finished article, he is improving all the time under Eddie and Jason and as a fan that is the kind of thing I want the club to be able to offer its players.

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