Tuesday, 10 March 2015

AFCB - we can be whatever we want to be

The words of Eddie Howe are always analysed and assessed to the nth degree by us journalists who want to know what drives individuals like this who can guide a team from almost certain extinction to the brink of the Premier League. Has it all been just one man's vision? How have the wheels been put in motion to make all this possible? It is something that I wrestle with every day and perhaps Eddie Howe is startled by his and the team's success at times, but he'll be the first to say it's all down to hard work and not merely him but everyone at the club, including you the supporters!
Eddie keeps surprising us all.
I think that is something we can all be proud of. It's good to dream big and win together. It's the ethos that runs through the club and I don't think as fans we should be big headed to other fans of other teams, because we have a good story and it is one that intrigues teams of other clubs. What is special about AFCB and how do they beat the odds all the time? It's not something that many other clubs have been able to achieve so they should be naturally wondering if they can install the kind of mentality that has taken AFCB this far at their club.

Pundits will always link Eddie Howe's success with a move away from the club and at the moment he is high in the running for his boyhood favourite club Everton, if they decide to change their manager, but Eddie loves the area of Bournemouth and with his family settled here it is probably going to be some time before he wants to seek a new challenge. The bond he has with Maxim Demin seems a strong one and Jeff Mostyn is always singing the praises of Eddie and Jason, so the management know that they are loved in Bournemouth by the fans and the players and I think that inspires them to achieve the very best for AFCB.

What I also love about AFCB though is that the dream does not have to have an end point. The club is always evolving and if it gets to the next stage, be it a regular Championship side that pushes for promotion regularly or a Premier League side as soon as 2015-16, then their will be new goals after that. I keep referring to what Eddie Howe says in that we are not Aston Villa and we are not Barcelona - indeed we aren't. We are AFCB and our story is an amazing one!

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