Thursday, 19 March 2015

Watching every kick is nerve-racking now

It is easy to get too close to following AFCB when there is such a lot at stake and you don't know whether to look away or pray to the Gods for some divine intervention. We all knew that there would be twists and turns in these last 10 games and it was the Cherries turn to have a set-back on Tuesday night. Like most of you I am pretty sure that on Saturday it will seem like most of the season will be played out in those 90 minutes even if there will still be another seven games to go after that.
Let's try and give AFCB an extra boost this weekend.
It is tough at the moment and it is going to get tougher. The run that Watford and Middlesbrough are certainly not helping AFCB in their quest for a top two finish, but it is clear that the gaps are starting to appear and that it is those teams that can hold their nerve and come out fighting even when they have had a set-back that are likely to succeed in the end.

Keeping your emotions in check is a strenuous affair when AFCB are right in the thick of it. We might be sitting less comfortably than a few days ago, but I don't think fans of Ipswich or Derby particularly feel like celebrating about their team's recent form. It will be paramount to stop Middlesbrough now though if AFCB have designs on those top two places. A gap of five points is not something you want to have to claw back at this stage of the season and it might just be that even a draw against Boro might be very valuable in the long run, but like you I'll be yelling full heatedly for a win.

I imagine that Michael Dunne has been thumbing through the football rule book to find out whether Callum Wilson had a valid case for a goal at Cardiff. You can listen in to the latest All Departments podcast by visiting the website or by scrolling down Cherry Chimes' right side panel to the All Departments' logo and click on the sound bar.

Good luck to Shaun MacDonald in the Wales' squad for their Euro qualifier against Israel on 28 March.

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