Sunday, 8 March 2015

Brett Pitman - where did that come from?

There are some older fans who will remember Brett Pitman scoring some similar goals to his amazing second goal at Fulham in league Two against lower opposition  (Eddie thought it was Exeter and I think he's right), but the second goal that he did get on Friday night was one that had me thinking where has that Brett Pitman been? Scoring a goal is always special, but to score a goal that has everyone talking for days if not seasons afterwards means it was really something special. I'm so pleased  for him.
Brett Pitman shows he can do it in the Championship.
I would like to know exactly what he was thinking when he got the ball from Tommy Elphick in his own half. I doubt he thought immediately that I'll just run the length of the pitch and come up with a superb finish to put us 0-3 up. Instead he probably thought, gosh, what do I do here? There's no one around me. Having turned and seen the whole expanse of the pitch open up before him it wasn't long before he basically got on his bike and started motoring. That to me is what was so incredible about this goal as he ran with the ball and kept close control while taking on players at pace. It was awesome and just not really in the kind of mode that AFCB players have been playing in. He was just head down and let's give this a go!

I've seem Eunan O'Kane and Harry Arter do similar things in seasons gone past as well, but  we are so used to seeing Brett play short passes in the number 10 role that it was incredibly exciting to remember that he can do some pretty amazing things on the football pitch and there is more to his game than simply scoring from 12 yards. It is a mesmerising goal and I bet I'm not the only one who is not tiered of watching it over and over again.

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