Thursday, 5 March 2015

Beating Wolves was just the tonic for the Cherries

The Cherries know exactly how good they are and what they can sometimes do better, but it is putting everything together when you need a result that will mark out the better teams from the also-rans in this close division. The contest is really on now as the Championship is living up to its unpredictable nature with several shock results occurring as regular as clockwork. The mountain just seems to get bigger as well with a match against Fulham now in front of AFCB's headlights that are on full beam and staring at their highest ever finish in this wonderful league.
Do the Cherries go to Fulham as underdogs or favourites? 
The trick that Eddie Howe has played is a good one in that he has all season long asked the players to enjoy themselves and express themselves in the belief that what they have done in training would win them games on the pitch. There have been low points and each time the Cherries have come back stronger for the experience, and  if they are to get a win against Fulham then the memories of what they did only two seasons ago to win promotion will start to feel like the same can really happen again.

It is as Howe has said a much tougher league than many others and to do well in it the team has to try and get back-to-back wins against some of the most difficult of places. The visit to the Cottage reminds me of when last season AFCB had to go up to London to play QPR in a night game. It did not work out that night but it is those kind of games that have added to the hurt and experience of AFCB's players so that they can go into the match on Friday knowing that they cannot afford to be a few per cent off of their top game.

The belief will be back now if it had ever wavered and while Fulham have their own concerns, the Cherries should be able to play with a little more freedom than they have done for a while. I think the match against Fulham will be tight and hard fought, but the players will be thinking positive now and it is important that us fans try and keep that positive vibe going on Friday night.

Tomorrow we have a Rival Lines chat with Fulham website Cottagers Confidential. You can see what answer i gave to their three questions on AFC Bournemouth by visiting their sit now!

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