Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Arter is becoming the complete midfielder

You have got to be pleased for harry Arter. He has had a pretty brilliant couple of weeks in an AFCB shirt and he is now just about to put on a Republic of Ireland shirt. It is nice that people are talking about other things than his yellow cards as he has been scoring blindingly good goals in his stride again, and he is starting to show everyone that he is now the complete midfielder.
Left foot or right foot, the ball usually hits the back of the net at the moment for Harry.
Harry Arter doesn't score ordinary goals anymore. His latest effort was described as a "Rocket launcher" by Kris Temple on BBC Radio Solent. The journalists were in quite a hurry to get hold of him after the game to get Harry to describe his latest thunderbolt, but Harry almost seems rather shy about talking about what he can now do on the pitch which kind of makes him even more likable to fans.

Eddie Howe was not sure which is Harry's best foot anymore as he seems to be able to hit stunning goals with either foot. The Cardiff strike was pretty good as he had time to pick his spot, but his goal against Middlesbrough was simply instinctive and that is probably the only way he could have beaten Konstantopoulos from that range.

I was less pleased with the second penalty that Harry won for AFCB against Middlesbrough as I felt it was won as opposed to awarded for a foul. Harry says it was the momentum and that he was not sure if he was touched or not but that it wasn't a dive. Still it didn't look great. He might have been sent off if another referee had been in charge and if Harry is going to grace the international scene it is going to be even more important for him to channel his concentration into not getting silly bookings when he is carrying his country's hopes in games. 

Still, well done Harry. I would say grab yourself some sun but I think Dubai is more renowned for that than Ireland - at least his AFCB team mates are in the sunlight - never mind Harry.

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