Sunday, 8 March 2015

Cookie teach me how to shoot like that!

What is this? Is it an I can score a better goal than you contest at AFCB? Steve Cook has been taking lessons somewhere and he has certainly sharpened up his act in front of goal if the evidence of last Friday night at Fulham is anything to go buy.

You can count on Cookie to get you a few goals through the season but most of them will come from his head or from taps in around the six yard box when he has been up for a corner but we saw that he has another side of his game - the pile driver! I suppose when your team is 1-4 up away from home and your team is top of the league, you might as well try scoring a special goal if you get into that position, but Steve's strike was something else.
Cookie hits a screamer.
Adam Smith gleefully positioned himself on the edge of the box following an AFCB corner and Fulham probably though the danger was cleared having seen their keeper punch the ball away from under the crossbar. But Smith played the ball out to Steve Cook, and Cookie just let the ball keep running and as the Fulham players came out to him the angle was getting narrower and narrower. My mate Michael Dunne of All Departments' asked me when I got home did he mean it? I had no doubt that Steve new exactly what he was trying to do and it was a shot to nothing rather than a cross. Either way it flew in the top corner and Fulham's players must have been totally demoralised by that stage. 
A centre back who knows where the back of the net is.
Steve is up to four goals this season now and well ahead of the other defenders in the scoring charts. I did wonder if he would pick up a yellow card to miss the Blackpool and Cardiff matches but he didn't and so he'll hope that he can play those matches without getting carded now with the Middlesbrough match coming at the end of the month.

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