Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Yann Kermorgant double sinks Wolves 2-1

Match Description
AFCB v Wolves
3 March 2015
Attendance: (9851, including 1273 Wolves fans)

Yest again the Cherries scored first in a game with a Yann Kermorgant strike on 10 minutes and were pegged back before half time by a long pass that let in Afobe to equalise. So it was going to be another tense second half with both teams desperate for a win to keep their promotion charge on track. The Cherries got a dream start in the second half with Callum Wilson wriggling his way into the box and the referee pointing to the spot after Richard Stearman's challenge. Yann Kermorgant stepped up to put the Cherries ahead again, perhaps not that convincingly, but it was a great night for the Cherries to hold out against a strong Wolves side who really came to play at Dean Court. On a night that Derby County slipped up at the top it is a good feeling to know that the Cherries are still fighting and well in the Championship race.

The Cherries just made the one change from the team that got a draw against Blackburn Rovers with Matt Ritchie coming back into the starting 11 instead of Ryan Fraser who dropped to the bench. that meant that Marc Pugh had recovered okay from his knock in the Blackburn match when he came off after half time and the Cherries were looking to get their first win in six games. For Wolves Doherty and Dickov came into the side, while Price and Iorfa dropped to the bench.

Jason Tindall gives the Cherries team news.

Match Commentary: listening to BBC Solent with Kris Temple and Willo

Wolves are in all white tonight. Francis looks for Wilson  and his cross is too strong but he glided past Richard Stearman. Sako nudges Francis off the ball and then Ritchie does the same to him. Callum Wilson is offside.

Davce Edwards has the ball and Doherty. Arter has the ball and Surman on the left. Pugh and Kermorgant, Francis over to Arter and Wilson off balance loses possession to Hause. Kermorgant chests the ball but Stearman has it. Van La Parra now. Pugh against Doherty and his cross goes into the Ted McDougall stand.

An attacking line up from Wolves tonight. Wilson runs at Stearman and Francis crosses but it's cleared. Ritchie tries to curl one but it's too high and out for a goal kick. Wolves at the back play it to Kuszczak. Hause under pressure from Ritchie. Afobe the former Arsenal man, back to Kevin Mcdonald and van la Parra. McDonald plays the ball over the top and Afobe is beaten to the ball by Boruc.

Pugh on half way on 8 minutes. Wilson 30 yards out and Kermorgant to Pugh and Arter brings in Francis. Arter to Ritchie and Hause cuts the ball out. Edwards goes long but Francis has the ball under control. Wilson on the right into Kermorgant and on the near post Yann Kermorgant scores! AFCB get that bit of luck that they have not been getting. Wilson rescued the ball in the corner and Kermorgant scored with a clever finish. Willo wonders how he did it.

Arter goes in on van La Parra who has to go back to the keeper. Surman over to ritchie and Francis on the right. Surman into Kermorgant and the ball over the top from Wolves! Boruc has to come out and head the ball away.

Ritchie to Francis and Kermorgant coming in at the back but Kuszczak has it even though he dropped it for a second running into his own team mate. Long ball down to Pugh and Stearman releases Dicko and van La Parra. Dicko and van la Parra delays too long and Daniels makes him kick it out of play.

Kermorgant to Wilson and looks for options but Doherty clears. AFCB win the ball back. Steve Cook over to Wilson but the ball runs away from him for a goal kick. "Wolves have set out to attack," says Willo.

Doherty to Batth who puts the ball straight out of play. Kermorgant and Arter right back to Boruc. Cook and Elphick is closed down by McDonald. Surman now and Hause heads it out. Surman and Daniels back to Arter and Francis. Batth wins the ball back to Kuszczak.

Wolves have a throw. "They have score 21 goals in their 17 away games," says Temple. Kermorgant and Ritchie and his deep is too high and deep. AFCB are back in control. Daniels and Surman plays it long. Arter picks up the pieces. Both teams are giving the ball away. Stearman to Dicko who makes a deep cross and Francis can play it out to Pugh. Free kick given to AFCB as Ritchie was caught.

Dicko wins a throw. McDonald to Edwards and Hause. Stearman plays it forward but only finds Elphick. Ritchie and Kermorgant is down with a dead leg. The Cherries have lost the ball but Kermorgant is back up. Elpichick and Dicko come together. Surman comes forward. Arter and Pugh loose ball for Ritchie and the Cherries get a corner from the shot.

Kemorgant tries to kick it goalwards a claim for handball off McDonald but another corner. Surman takes it short but Stearman clears for a throw. Francis goes back and Wilson down the side of the centre half before McDonald clears. McDonald plays it up to van La Parra. Dicko to van La Parra but Steve Cook makes the block. Ritchie looks for Kermorgant but he loses the ball. Wolves have a throw. Afobe is offside after 29 minutes.

Surman up to half way. Dicko into the box but Surman stands firm. Kermorgant onto Wilson on the left. Steps over and Arter shoots with a deflection wide of the left post and a corner. There is a whistle in the crowd that Temple is not very happy about. Kermorgant was sliding in at the back post but Surman was adjudged to foul a Wolves player.

Just 13 minutes to go in the first half. Daniels had the ball, Wilson picks it up and Wolves win a 50:50. "We have dominated, but I would not say we have so much possession tonight as in recent weeks," says Willo.

Space for van La Parra McDonald now to try and play in Afobe but Elphick and Ritchie make the clearance. Steve Cook was left for dead by Afobe, he was that fast. Pugh taking on Batth and Doherty gives away a free kick. AFCB take it early but Kermorgant shoots over.

van La Parra to Hause and back but van La Parra puts it out. Kuszczak comes out before Wilson can close him down. Surman heads to van La Parra, but Surman wins it back. Pugh and Daniels and his crosses is headed away by Edwards. Ritchie on the edge of the box and Francis holds off Edwards. Kermorgant is tracked back by Sako. The Cherries have to get numbers back.

Hause plays it to Kevin McDonald in to Afobe who is on goal and it's 1-1 on 39 minutes. Slotted into the bottom left corner. "It was like a knife through butter," says Kris Temple. McDonald's pass was great took 10 AFCB players out. Afobe had a shirt pull but still finished well with Wolves first shot of the game. It was a long 40 yard pass.

Ricthie back to Kermorgant and Doherty blocks for a corner. van La Parra clears and Sako finds Dicko and Elohick wins the ball. Kermorgant passes to Ritchie. Arter holds off Edwards and Daniels. Surman over to Ritchie and Hause puts the ball out.

Ritchie up to Wilson spins away and shoots, but Kuszczak catches the ball! Edwards wins the ball van La Parra and Doherty but Daniels blocks. Afobe again goes past one and Boruc goes down to make the save. "Wolves are coming into the game more and more now," says Willo.

Arter, dummy by Pugh. Back to Daniels and Kermorgant's cross is blocked by Doherty. Dicko and McDonald goes himself and he shoots wide after a long run of some 50 yards with no challenge! Just one minute of extra time and Cook who slips brings down Afobe and he gets a yellow card. Free kick to Wolves. Cook is now on nine yellow cards and close to a ban.

Sako now to the byline and Kermorgant puts it out for a corner. A powerful header away by Kermorgant and it's half time 1-1.

Half time stats: 
AFCB 58 per cent possession, seven shots, two shots on target, four corners two fouls.
Wolves 42 per cent possession, three shots, two on target, one corner and three fouls.

Second Half
AFCB are kicking to the north stand in this half. Yann Kermorgant does a nice turn but plays a poor ball to Hause. Dicko gives the ball away and Surman has it. Kermorgant and Wilson in and brought down - penalty! Stearman was the man that made the challenge and it's just a yellow card. Yann Kermorgant to take the penalty. He scores, Kuszczak dives over it and while it was not convincing it's in the back of the net. "The keeper's made a hash of that," says Willo. It was a side footer just left of centre and a side foot. 

"A great time to go ahead," says Willo. 2-1 to AFCB. "I think we'll need another one," says Willo. Low ball in from Wolves but Cook stretches and gets a clearance in.

Francis is caught up field but Cook covers. Daniels volleys the ball away and Wilson is penalised for a nudge. van la Parra crosses but Arter clears. van La Parra slides but almost runs into Pugh. Throw to Wolves. Sako and McDonald to Afobe out to van La Parra but Daniels puts it out for a throw. Dicko poorly controls the ball and it's a goal kick.

Pugh down the left wins a corner off Doherty. Arter to take. Ricthie was in there for the header six yards out but it was too high for him. Wolves win a throw. Kuszczak has the ball. Wilson behind Hause but the shoulder barge is deemed a foul.

Pugh to Surman and over the top but Batth and Pugh loses possession. Arter tries to find room. Daniels to Arter and Daniels cross comes out to Kermorgant and Francis cross is headed out by Batth. Wolves have a throw up at the AFCB end.  An hour gone. Doherty and van La Parra is thwarted again by Daniels.

Doherty can't catch up with the ball. "Red Army" rings out. "Wolves have won their last three and not conceded a goal in the process," says Kris Temple. Kuszczak makes a clearance to half way. A scrappy bit of play.

Dicko holds off Cook but Surman blocks the route forward. On the Wolves left and Sako holds off Ritchie. Tommy Elphick is on the ball 18 minutes of the second half have gone. Pugh plays it in to Wilson acute angle but nobody there and it's a goal kick.

"With Wolves having three up front and three in midfield there is more room for Wilson to exploit," says Willo. I'd like to see Yann get his hat-trick."

Matt Ritchie choses the wrong option but Elphick plays the ball out over the East stand. McDonald and Edwards, but Arter is in there quickly. Ritchie has been kept quiet tonight according to Willo. Arter goes back to Francis and Stearman has to put the ball out. Surman and Wilson through two sets up Pugh and a great save by Kuszczak and Stearman on the line!

Arter into Wilson but Stearman reads it and comes out with the ball. Sako runs into Francis. The ball gets changed again as it is flat. Kermorgant with McDonald finds Wilson. Ritchie and Francis to the back post but Doherty gets it clear ahead of Pugh. Fancis to Surman and Francis' low cross gives a corner off Doherty.

Batth clears and Francis fouls Sako and Francis gets a yellow card. Wolves whack the ball straight out of play. Daniels with the ball. Pugh takes on Doherty but it's a Wolves throw and Pugh is limping a bit after that challenge. Brett Pitman is warming up.

Kermorgant with Stearman and Edwards makes a long ball down the middle. The ball is out for a goal kick to AFCB. Kevin Doyle is getting ready to come on and Dicko goes off on 75 minutes. Doyle back to McDonald towards Afobe, Pugh and Cook and Daniels get the ball out.the referee gets in the way of Ritchie.

van La Parra can't get past Daniels. Arter has gone down and he's flat out on his back. A clash of heads. Arter is up on his feet.  Ritchie finds Wilson with 11 minutes to go and Wilson makes a cross and it comes off Steaman for a corner. Elphick and Francis stay back as cover.

Hause wins the header, Francis over the top looking for Arter but Wolves clear. Daniels now. Wilson low shot across goal is wide of the post. van La Parra down the left and a Wolves throw. Afobe but Ritchie gets a clearance in. "Daniels has had an excellent game tonight," says Temple.

Sako is fouled and Adam Smith is ready to come on. The free kick goes over the top. Ritchie comes off for Smith to come on. Kris Temple hears another whistle from the crowd. Kuszczak clears long. Arter on half way. Arter into Pugh and the cross is over hit but Smith is pushed over and the ref gives the free kick even though the assistant ref did not.

Arter delivers the ball and Kermorgant keeps it in. Sako wins the ball and looks for Afobe but Boruc comes out in time. A solid night from Artur Boruc. Pugh gets a card for trying to foul Sako.

Yann Kermorgant gets man of the match. McDonald goes down but it's AFCB's free kick for a foul on Adam smith. Francis launches the ball but Batth clears. Afobe and Doherty. McDonald and Wilson wins the ball. It's a free kick though to Wolves.

Hause and Fancis gives away a free kick in the 89th minute. Sako plays it in and Kermorgant back towards his own goal but it's up to half way. McDonald and Doyle and Sako and a free kick against smith for a block. Kermorgant clears. Pugh and van La Parra puts the ball out, perhaps handball.

Pitman comes on for Yann Kermorgant the goal scorer on 90 minutes. Elliott Ward is coming on for Marc Pugh as well. Four minutes of extra time are being played. Ward clears the ball. van La Parra looking for Hause and a free kick to AFCB in their own box for a foul on Hause.

Pitman gets a yellow card for dribbling the ball away and wasting time. Wilson jumps and Hause smashes it long but Ward wins the header in front of Doyle. Offside against val La Parra. "Allez, allez oh," sing the home fans.

Wolves launch an attack but ward clears. Adam Smith goes down and wins a free kick. Francis has the ball. Kuszczak volleys long. Elphcik and Doyle a cross to the far post and ward clears and the whistle goes. AFCB are back on track - 2-1 winners.

It was a relief to hear the whistle go. Every man played their part in this win and it was much needed. The confidence should be back now and AFCB can look to go forward rather than worrying what has happened in the recent past. It was important that Charlie Daniels played well tonight and by keeping van La Parra quiet there was every chance that AFCB would get the win. It will have boosted Yann Kermorgant to get the goals and while it was not a clean sheet, there was not too many problems at the back for the Cherries.

Boruc, Francis, Elphick, Cook, Daniels, Ritchie (Smith 83), Arter, Surman, Pugh (Ward 91), Kermorgant (Pitman 90), Wilson.

AFCB Subs: 
Camp, Smith, Ward, MacDonald, Fraser, Pitman, Rantie.

Kuszczak, Doherty, Batth, Stearman, Hause, van La Parra, Edwards, McDonald, Sako, Afobe, Dicko (Doyle 75)
Wolves Subs:
Golbourne, Henry, McCarey, Doyle, Price, Ebanks-Landell, Iorfa

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