Monday, 2 March 2015

Yann offers plan B, C and D

There has been much mention of the so-called plan B or rather the lack of it for this AFCB team, but when plan B for English sides usually means lumping it into the box it is not the most cultured or even scientifically clever way for the Cherries to try and score a goal as they are not blessed with height. But there is one player that the Cherries have that does offer more variety than most in his play and it was great to see him giving Jason Steele all kinds of problems in the Blackburn goal on Saturday.
There's lots to Yann's game.
Yann Kermorgant provided a plan B in his Bullet-like header in the second half that had Jason Steele scrambling towards his left hand post to keep out. Yann was prepared to get his head on the ball while taking a battering from the Blackburn defenders and he was getting up really well despite the close attendance of Alex Baptiste and Matt Kilgallon.

There were other moments as well when I felt AFCB used Yann as a bit of a battering-ram to try and force a goal and the moment when it almost worked was when Simon Francis put in a deep cross from the right wing and Yann gave himself several yards before making his leap. The header was powerful and smashed against the Crossbar with Steele beaten. If AFCB do have a long-ball game about them then that was it right there, but it did not prove anymore profitable than what had gone before.

The main thing is that the Cherries had shown that they do have more than one way of playing when Yann is on the pitch and his performance was close to delivering what the fans so desired. The Directness of AFCB's play when they do hit Yann with crosses is not something that they try and do all the time though and it was no less adventurous to also bring on Matt Ritchie and Tokelo Rantie as Eddie Howe explored different ways to try and get that first goal.

However, on this occasion Blackburn's own defensive plan was just too strong and considering no other team has achieved a nil-nil against the Cherries at home it is perhaps a little unfair to say that the Cherries have not been finding ways to score and win games, because in the main they have been doing better than most with 17 wins so far this season.

Just in case, Yann's also got Flicks as well if you need a plan F.

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