Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Cherries slip to third with a 1-1 draw at Cardiff

Match Description
Cardiff City v AFCB
17 March 2015
Attendance: 19,819 (including 923 AFCB fans)

Everything looked set up for the 11 away win of the season for AFCB. They kept the ball well and got the early goal through the returning Harry Arter, but Cardiff always posed a threat from corners and free kicks and they got their reward just after the hour when Bruno Manga headed the equaliser. While the Cherries pushed hard for a winner it just wouldn't come. Still, AFCB created lots of chances and they will look to build on that.

AFCB just made one change to the starting 11 with Shaun MacDonald making way for Harry Arter to come into the team and Yann Kermorgant returned to the subs bench as Eunan O'Kane and Dan Gosling were left behind along with Ryan Allsop  and Ian Harte to play in a Development Squad game to improve their fitness at AFC Wimbledon.

Cardiff Kenwyne Jones and Connolly came into the Cardiff side for Lee Peltier (injured) and Frederico Macheda who was suspended. Scott Malone was on the subs bench along with Adeyemi replacing the suspended Harris.
Jason Tindall gives the team news for AFCB

Match Description: Listening to BBC Radio Solent with Willo and Kris Temple.

The Cherries are in their lucky red shorts with their red and black shirts. Fabio puts the ball out. Surman and now Daniels has the ball. Connolly fouls Pugh and Ritchie is in space but is held up and Whittingham clears up to half way.

AFCB have a throw. Pugh now and Ritchie's cross and Wilson has a shot that goes wide! "Slick play right from the start," says Willo. It is a well watered pitch that should suit the Cherries he adds.

Three minutes gone. AFCB have another throw. Wilson on half way wins a free kick off of Morrison. Ritchie looking for Francis but it's too strong. Surman and Pitman to Wilson and Pugh on the touch line but it's back to Cook and then Ritchie. Francis into Surman and back to Elphick. This is all AFCB. Pugh robs Kennedy and hits the bar and the rebound goes wide! It was Pugh again who put the rebound wide under pressure from a defender! Just six minutes gone.

Pugh plays it over the top but Morrison has it and gives it back to Pugh! Surman keeps the ball and  it's back with Elphick. Ritchie takes on Noone and Manga but Arter wins it and it's Cook coming forward. Francis goes past some tackles into Wilson and half cleared by Noone. revel and Jones get their first touches.

Wilson inside left and cannons it Manga's chest. the flag is down and Revell is on side but Boruc comes out quickly and heads it away. Cardiff have a throw. Jones flicks the ball on. Manga to Revell and Noone who shoots and Boruc keeps it out but spills and it's cleared by an AFCB defender. 

Morrison almost gets in and wins a corner for Cardiff. Whittingham takes the kick and the Cherries head it out to Wilson. Fabio now to Revell who finds Jones and Kennedy. Connolly now low into Revell and Boruc makes a save.

Wilson tries to go through Morrison but it's back with Simon Moore in goal. Cook in his own half. Ritchie's ball is cut out by Connolly but his pass runs through to Boruc. An offside flag goes up and Cardiff have a free kick. Kennedy wins a corner on the right hand side off of Charlie Daniels. An inswinger from Whittingham and Cook heads out. Surman clears and as it comes back in the box, Boruc collects the ball.

Pitman now with 15 minutes gone. Ritchie off the right wings squares it to and Arter  who thinks about a shot and a magnificent strike! "Moore is left clutching for thin air as Arter finds the top left corner," says Kris Temple. That is seven for the season for Arter. There was nothing on and he just took the leather off the ball - it's 0-1 to the Cherries.

Whittingham with a free kick and Jones header goes through for a goal kick. Pitman to Arter who hooks the ball wide. Cardiff lose the ball and it's now with Boruc. Wilson can't get on the ball that runs through to Moore. Pugh fouls Whittingham on half way. Space for Pitman but his shot hits Manga. Pitman goes past one tackle and shoots and the keeper scrambles it away for a corner!

Arter takes the corner Surman lets it run and Francis running on to it comes to Elphick but he can't direct it towards goal. Goal kick to Cardiff. Connolly and Francis puts the ball out. A long ball from Francis to Pitman and he hits it first time on the volley and it just goes wide!

Moore clears the ball. Matt Ritchie finds Wilson who holds of Manga. Pugh on a weaving run. Ricthie into the box. Daniels wants it who tries to play it in to Wilson but it's back with Francis. "It's exceptional stuff," says Willo "Good fast football."

Noone running at Daniels but Elphick has it back. Pugh to Daniels. Ritchie now. Cardiff smuggle the ball through and Noone shoots over! Wilson wins a throw. Gunnarrsson fouls Pugh. a good way out. Surman to Ritchie and Pugh in the box and is challenged by Morrisson. He's won a corner to be taken by Arter. Pitman with the header at the far post goes to the keeper.

Whittingham and Revell and Elphick puts the ball out for a Cardiff corner. Jones in there and Connolly's shot hist Jones but Mason has given a corner. Whittingham and Morrison and Boruc fists away. Morrison the target but Elphick clears and it's a long throw to Cardiff. Gunnarsson with the long throw. Surman and Ritchie clear and it's back to Moore.

Fabio and Jones but Cook puts in a diving header back to Boruc. Pitman goes down after a push. Just 13 minutes to half time. Matt Ritchie and Francis back to Elphick. Cardiff have a throw. Ritchie and Wilson is fouled by Manga.

Francis down the right into Pitman but it's cleared and Cardiff win a free kick from an Arter foul. Jones asks for a free kick as Elphick is all over him. Morrison and Revell is penalised just outside the box. Ricthie and Fabio and it's cannoned off Ritchie for a goal kick. 

Wilson wins the ball and is away from Manga and is he pushed over? No. But the ball is cleared. Daniels goes down after a Connolly challenge but it's no free kick. No card for simulation either. Connolly chases back on Pugh.

Noone and Daniels wins a goal kick. Connolly and Noone. Into the box and Cook clears to Whittingham and Noone. Daniels puts it out for a corner. On the back post Manga gets a header in but Boruc punches it comes out to Whittingham and Noone's shot goes wide!

Just 4 minutes to half time. Jones and Arter and Gunnarson compete for the ball. Noone loses the ball and Daniels plays up to Pugh but it's out for a goal kick. Revell smashes the ball across goal and how Francis did not score an own goal is staggering thinks Temple. That sounded close!  Morrisson to Manga and it's over the bar!

Wilson is offside. Revell to Jones but Elphick and Francis clear. Great touch by Wilson who wins a free kick. Daniels across the box and Kennedy and Revell is clipped by Surman. Moore with the kick. Jones onto Revell and Boruc lets it bounce and pulls it into his chest.

Wilson back to Surman. Francis and Manga wins the ball. It's half time. A bolt from the blue marks the difference. Arter's shot into the top left hand corner separates the side. "Set plays will be the big things in the second half," says Willo..."I think it might take another one to win this game."

AFCB have had 65 per cent of the possession but trail Cardiff in terms of shots 12 to 11 and Cardiff have had three on target compared to the Cherries' two.

Damien Hill sent me a picture at half time.
Second Half
Kenwyne Jones is getting some treatment. No changes at half time. A throw to AFCB. Ritchie is caught by Gunnarsson. Pugh and Wilson gets a corner off Connolly. Only AFCB's third corner of the night compared to Cardiff's six. Arter to Pugh and the volley from Daniels loops over the bar.

Fabio into Jones and Cook blocks the shot and Elphick clears with Francis clearing further to Manga. Wilson almost got onto the ball but it's back with Moore. Surman is clipped by Gunnarsson. Kennedy back to Moore and the ball goes straight out. Cook puts the ball out of play behind Daniels.

Cook is caught by Jones and AFCB have the ball. Surman gives it away but Pugh gets it back and Arter through to Wilson and tries to play in Ritchie but Fabio clears for a throw. Arter sizes up a shot but it's so bad it's out for a throw in. Revell and Elphick wins the loose ball. Wilson and Francis overlapping Pitman sliding in can't quite get there.

Revell down the right is held up by Daniels Noone and Jones at the far post, against Francis, with the header by Boruc is there. Surman and Ritchie round the corner to Pitman and Fabio concedes the corner. Brett was asking for a penalty but Fabio got a toe on the ball.

Arter at the near post and Pitman fouls Whittingham. If AFCB win tonight it is a record 11 away wins. Francis is challenged by Kennedy who wins a throw. Pugh and out to Pitman, Daniels over half way. Pugh to Arter and in behind it's off the post from Wilson from two yards! How did that not go in? The chance goes begging.

Jones and Revell but Arter is in with a tackle. Kennedy down the left is clipped by Francis coming back. Whittingham and Revell with a header and Manga heads but Boruc makes the save. Fabio makes a clearance. Fabio past Surman. Surman over to Pugh who finds Daniels, but Kennedy comes away with the ball.

Noone to Gunnarsson who has a low shot on the break but straight at Boruc. Elphick gives away a free kick on Kenwyne Jones.  free kick against Revell on Brett Pitman. Noone crosses and Francis underneath it gets it clear for a corner.

Into the six yard box and Bruno Manga heads the equaliser. A free header to make it 1-1. 61 minutes gone. AFCB on half way. Francis to Ritchei and Surman. Out to Arter and Wilson and Kennedy challenges, but Ritchie give sit away.

Jones makes a mess of it and the ball goes through to Boruc. Kennedy is held up by Surman and Whittingham loses the ball. Pugh and Elphick with Jones get the ball stuck - drop ball. The referee almost dribbles the ball away in AFCB's favour as he dropped the ball. Into the last 25 minutes.

Moore plays a ball down the right. Connolly to Whittingham and Fabio. Pugh has lost the ball but Revell loses it. Daniels retains possession. Pugh takes o Connolly and back to Daniels. Arter is brought down and Connolly is shown the yellow card. A quarter of the match remaining. Surman to Francis and Cardiff have the ball but Noone gives the ball back to Arter.

Pitman in space over the top to Pugh but Moore is out quickly. Wilson to Arter and Pitman, Ritchie in space and a great block from Morrison. Surman and Pugh into Ritchie and Kennedy clears. Arter down the middles to Pugh, Wilson trying to run in but Moore reads it.

Connolly and Pitman on a run. Support from Arter on his right back to Francis. Ritchie back to Surman and Wilson holds off Manga. Jones has space now and Arter wins the ball. Pugh out to Ritchie. Surman gets a shot away but it is blocked. Pugh crosses straight to the keeper.

Wilson hit the bar! The ball is in the net. Moore's kick hit Wilson and Wilson put the ball in the bet but Wilson has been yellow carded. 17 minutes remaining. Jones is tackled by Elphick. Kemorgant and Smith come on and Pitman and Ritchie go off.

Arter on half way. Pugh to Surman and Daniels crosses and Manga clears to Elphick. Connolly puts the ball out. Kermorgant goes back to Smith and Surman to Arter. Francis back to Elphick and he puts the ball out. Smith and Kermorgant to Francis, square to Smith. Surman to Kemorgant but Wilson is offside. 

Kennedy is subbed and Joe Ralls comes on after 79 minutes. Daniels to Pugh but Kermorgant can't convert. Kermorgant does well and finds Wilson and Smith lashes the ball wide. Jones runs into Elphick. Kermorgant to Wilson and his shot hits Manga for a corner. eight minutes to play. Arter back to Surman. Smith round the corner and it's a goal kick.

Noone overruns the ball. Francis finds Smith. Francis checks back and Noone heads out for a throw. Smith and Francis to Wilson who spins and wins a corner off Manga. Surman to the back post but Elphick can't get on it.Pugh to Kermorgant back to Francis and Ralls clears.

Wilson tries to go past Manga. Cardiff sub, Doyle comes on for Jones on 86 minutes. Pugh handles the ball. Morrison comes forward for the free kick, three minutes to go. Elphick wins it. Fabio and Pugh covers. Whittingham and Fabio down the left. Revell loses the ball to Pugh.

Kermoirgant wins the ball and Manga makes a mistake and Wilson almost got to Moore running back,  but it's a corner. Pugh floats in a cross but it's too high from Cook. Francis is booked for asking Moore to hurry up.

Gunnarsson takes the kick Ralls and it bounces to Boruc. Wilson against two defenders but it is through to Moore. Four minutes added on time. Boruc plays it past Doyle. Arter to Wilson and Kermorgant but Connolly is there. Noone runs into Daniels. Cardiff not hurrying. Doyle to Ralls and Noone against Pugh. Elphick heads away and Whittingham shot hits Cook.

Doyle slips but has a shot that goes for a corner off Cook. Manga and Morrisson come up but Kermorgant heads away. Boruc comes out and AFCB win a foul. Smith gets a free kick on half way and Fabio gets a yellow card for time wasting. A Cardiff player is down with cramp now. It's Gunnarsson and the physio is coming on. Adeyami comes on for Gunnarsson.

The Cherries have a throw. Cook with the throw.  Elphick and Surman but Ralls clears. Boruc plays it up. Cook waves players into the box his throw. Kermorgant and Smith and Wilson's header is just wide! It finishes 1-1.

AFCB slip to third in the table on a night when other results did not go their way either. The ball just did not fall in the right areas for AFCB's forwards in the second half and while an away point is usually a good point in this league, you have to feel that AFCB knew what Cardiff's danger would be and they could not keep a set-piece out having given one corner away too many.  It could have been different with Wilson's disallowed goal and the last minute header, but a point is all the Cherries got for their hard work and Cardiff have to be congratulated on holding the Cherries and giving them plenty of problems at the other end. The draw may feel like a defeat but the Cherries have the chance to put it right on Saturday.

Boruc, Francis, Elphick, Cook, Daniels, Ritchie (Smith 74), Arter, Surman, Pugh, Pitman (Kermorgant 74), Wilson.

Camp, Smith, Ward, MacDonald, Fraser, Kermorgant, Rantie.

Cardiff City
Moore, Fabio, Ecuele Manga, Morrison, Connolly, Whittingham, Gunnarsson, Noone, Kennedy (Ralls 79), Jones, Revell.

Cardiff City Subs
Wilson, Malone, Gabbidon, Adeyemi, Ralls, O’Keefe, Doyle

Referee: Lee Mason

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