Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Harry Arter keeps chipping in

Eddie Howe was delighted with his midfield dynamo at Cardiff as Harry Arter once again took a pot shot and came away smiling with the result early on in the game. While his other shots at goal did not have as much success on the night, the policy of shooting around the box is one that Arter now beginning to excel a little more often at now.
Harry Arter has been striking the ball well this season
 and added another to his total at Cardiff.
Harry Arter said that he has been told off before from shooting that far out but I don't think Eddie Howe was at all disappointed with his strike on this occasion.

When asked about Harry Arter's goal Eddie Howe said: "It was a good start to the game for us," said Eddie How. "We found pockets of space, we passed the ball very well and it was on the end of a good move and a top draw finish - an outstanding finish."

But the way the team failed to make the most of perhaps even better opportunities was the frustrating part of the evening. The word frustrating has come up a lot of late and while Harry can whined himself up in that way the players should take any anger out on their finishing for the next game. It was good to see that Harry was calm on his post-match interview and the goal certainly helped AFCB settle into a good passing mode once they had the lead. Everyone has to keep their heads now and just concentrate on playing to the best of their ability and not get too caught up in refereeing decisions or anything else, because when players like Arter try their hand at spectacular shots they have a habit of going in at the moment. 

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