Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Should Wilson's disallowed goal have stood?

There is a rule saying a player cannot stop a goalkeeper from putting the ball back in play. While Cardiff's keeper kicked the ball against Callum's back it does seem harsh that Wilson was penalised and if there was no foul after the ball came back off the bar, the goal really should have stood. That was the main discussion on BBC Radio Solent after the match and everyone was wondering what Eddie Howe would say, as it has been noticeable that Callum Wilson has been using the tactic of standing close to the keeper when he kicks out and it has caused problems before.
Callum Wilson's tactics of standing in front of the
keeper did not pay off for him against Cardiff. 
Eddie Howe was none too pleased with the decision to disallow the goal and to him it was just a frustrating night. From what Eddie Howe had to say after the game I expect Callum Wilson be told to keep standing in the way of opposition keepers as even if the ball does not hit him, keepers will not always clear the ball as well with him being there.

Simon Moore perhaps got away with this one, but I find it hard to focus on just this one incident when AFCB had a lot of the possession and other opportunities to make the game safe. Football is a game of decisions as much as anything else and some times they just don't go for you.

The difficult point about it is that every point is crucial now and AFCB can only hope that their fortune changes if this was a fair goal and that these decisions equal themselves out. The Cherries have a great chance to bounce straight back against Middlesbrough, but it would have been more favourable to go into that game being ahead of Boro.

This instance has gone though and the officials may even be told that the goal was okay, but it is not going to count for anything now. AFCB will be hoping for more luck if they get more Premier league referee because with Mike Dean and  Lee Mason they have not been given anything.

At the end of last night I saw that Kris Temple had asked for an interview with referee Lee Mason over the disallowed goal and he was declined, but I would hope some explanation is given to AFCB.

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