Thursday, 12 March 2015

Putting any doubts to bed - positive energy

I always try and be positive on the blog no matter how the fortunes of the Cherries turn out and it has been a real pleasure to write about the team in recent seasons. There have been times though when it has been apparent that the team needed a pick up and none more so than the desperate run of results that the team were handed out in January. If a couple of those draws had bee wins then AFCB would have been in a far stronger position, but what has gone has gone and the other leading teams are also finding the going rather hard at the moment so it is going to happen to other teams as well.
The blip is well and truly over for the Cherries - watch out Blackpool!
I do like the way that AFCB players talk about getting over blips because they have done so in the past and can do it again. While loan players might have had a good impact it is difficult to know how they would have done and now that the team is getting over most of the injuries it had to its midfield section there is a feel good factor that the Cherries are over their blip. It's all about thinking positively and drawing on the good performances from the past. So as Spring comes in the Cherries spring forward or at least we hope so.

What negativity that has reared its head around the Goldsands never seems to last very long anyway these days. If a crisis is just three points in five games but then a win in the sixth game, then there are many teams that can only dream of being in that position in the Championship. We have been over all the insecurities of why the Cherries could fail because:
- we are tinpot, 
- the second season syndrome sin the Championship
- an under fancied team and 
- a team that don't have a big fan base 
But when it is about the 11 on the pitch and how they have been prepared and the squad players that can come in and do a job, knowing that the fans will support them, through the good and the bad, then we have seen that - "Anything is possible!"

Just to balance things out I see that the Echo is reporting that Harry Arter has been given a one-match ban for improper conduct - let's hope that it just means some one else gets to have a great game against Blackpool, maybe Eunan O'Kane.

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