Saturday, 24 October 2015

Are AFCB creating enough chances against the big teams?

Glenn Murray's goal against Man City might be more important than any of us really know for him and the team at this stage of the season. Yes it was only one goal, and it did not lead to any points, but Glenn took his chance in open play and the move that created the chance involved several AFCB players. The team know that they can score against the City's of this world and we'll see if they can take that on.

The task is to get Murray and others in on goal more often. Against Man City the Cherries managed just the one shot on target and five off target. The statistic is perhaps a measure of the fact that there is still much more room for improvement in the Cherries attacking play even though the focus will probably be on the defenders having conceded five in the last match. But if the strikers can get more ball and start to pepper the opposition's goal more often it will relieve the pressure on the defence.

Pick another one out of the net. Murray is on target again.
It is also noticeable that AFCB had seven corners in the Man City game and yet did not manage to get a shot on target from any of them. Getting the most out of set-pieces is another area where the team can look to increase their goal potential. I suspect a different looking side for the Cherries than the one that stepped out at the Etihad, but the back four is unlikely to change it is in midfield and up front where Eddie Howe is going to make changes and see if he can get more shots on target.

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