Thursday, 1 October 2015

Can Rantie now play a part?

Okay, we have probably been dismissing a man that could yet have AFCB fans smiling again. Yes, I'm talking about Tokelo Rantie, the striker who has probably been well protected at AFCB as he has tried to develop and ready himself for the English game but who has not yet shown the consistency to earn himself regular game time. But Tokelo is in the 25-man Premier League squad. He is a different kind of player to King, Wilson, Tomlin and Kermorgant and he may yet have a role to play.

We have seen Rantie fall down the pecking order fairly rapidly in the last few months. While it looked likely that he would go out on loan I don't see any chance of that now. Having renewed his visa by flying out of the country to Dublin last week and re-entering I wonder if he could make a return to the first team match day squad in equally quick time? Rantie has not got the physicality to his game of Wilson and may seem a little lightweight for the Premier League, but it is his speed that the team may find quite useful now.

Rantie may yet have more to contribute.
Josh King has really been the player that has slipped in ahead of Rantie in Eddie Howe's thoughts, but to be frank Josh has not inspired the fans greatly yet. Rantie would get AFCB fans excited and on the edge of their seats as he can do the unexpected. Having Rantie on the bench against Watford would be a good move now in my book and he has surely got to have something to add to the team if Howe feels he is worthy of having a place in the 25-man squad. Still I expect Junior Stanislas, Lee Tomlin and Yann Kermorgant are more likely to lineup n the bench for this game. 

Rantie has been at the club for long enough now to understand how his goals could be very important and that he could repay Eddie Howe very quickly with a good run in the team. I don't think the door has closed on Rantie yet and we may find that he is a player who still has to wait his turn behind King, Kermorgant and Murray. But in an instance he could become a match winner and with the injuries the club have he is now closer to getting an opportunity and if he does the whole of Dean Court will be willing him to show the sensational Rantie that we know is there and waiting to come out. 

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