Sunday, 25 October 2015

The focus is on getting the three points

There's no getting away from it. The Cherries need some more points and they don't want to slip any further behind the main pack in the table. There comes a certain amount of pressure though when players know they are in need of a win, and it is how well the players can deal with that which will determine how well they play in the upcoming games. The points will come if the players can enjoy what they are doing.

I hope the players are also getting plenty time to relax and take some time away from the practise pitch. I think there is a lot more analysis on the team this season not only from inside the club but also outside sources, and while the headlines are not always going to be positive the objective of winning games is always going to be the target, and every game offers a fresh chance of picking some points up.
AFCB are looking for improvements now.
Tottenham Hotspur will be a new challenge and the game against Man City doesn't have to have a hangover if the players can switch on to the next game with a keen excitement. Three points against Spurs would make the City game a distant memory.

It's been a big week for the defence though. They will not have been pleased with conceding so many goals and a shutout against Spurs is really something they will have to work hard to earn. At home the Cherries have been steady and positive and so I believe that will continue. They need to think of some of the things they did right in the Sunderland home game and pull out another top performance now.

Look out for Adam Smith today. If he starts or get on the pitch, he'll want the win more than most as an ex-Tottenham academy player. UTCIAD!

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