Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Are AFCB no longer getting the rub of penalty decisions?

Mike Dean doesn't need to win friends and he certainly won't have from some of the decisions he made in the Man City v AFC Bournemouth game, at least not from a Bournemouth fans' view. I'm not that surprised that a few big decisions have not gone the Cherries way, but I do hope that the referees are judging any penalty decisions on what they see before them in each match rather than going on reputation and having a big team sub-conscious bias.
Dan Gosling was unlucky not to get a penalty for his
adventurous run into the box at Man City early on.
Last season it is true that the Cherries won more penalties than they could have imagined possible. The style of the team though does invite opposition defenders to lunge in to try and stop the way our players move the ball around the penalty box. This season has seen less instances of penalties given for the Cherries though in the first nine games. Apart from the saved penalty against Watford and the goal scored by Callum Wilson from the spot against West Ham, there has been a dearth of penalty decisions in favour of the Cherries. But should that be judged against how many the Cherries have conceded? If so then there has only been Leicester City who have scored against the Cherries from the spot.
Perhaps referees are just not giving as many penalties.

Of course it is important that when AFCB do get penalties that they score from them as well. Even if they had been given an early spot against Man City it could have been missed and I guess the next spot kick for Glenn Murray will be huge for him as well as the team. I'm hoping that comes at home and that Glenn can add to his growing goal tally. I don't think the Cherries particularly go out to win penalties, but if they want to win more of them then they'll have to try and get more balls in the box and try to keep playing as much of the game in the last third as possible. It's had to do at paces like the Etihad but at home there is more opportunity to put teams under pressure. AFCB have always been positive in the way they play and if they keep that approach perhaps more spot kicks will come.

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