Tuesday, 27 October 2015

When one goal is not enough for the Cherries

I know what you are all thinking. One goal is not going to win you many matches when you are conceding five every time you step on to the pitch. Sure, one goal is not enough these days even when it is another blockbuster from Matt Ritchie. AFCB grabbed their goal early against Spurs, but it only woke the visitors up and they sadly took full advantage of the woeful errors made by a Bournemouth side who I still don't think have fully come to terms with where they are now in the 92 club pyramid.

Matt Ritchie at the Etihad. 
I think the problems could be as simple as that. It is about time that the Cherries took a leaf out of Watford’s book and simply go out and fight for points without worrying who is wearing the other team shirts. They should be able to play in the manner that has taken them up the leagues without being fearful of the sides they are now playing. The Cherries need to become acquainted with where they are now. But I'd agree with Howe that this is a side that was built from the Championship and League One, and has not had long to get acquainted with the Premier League. With Mings, Gradel and Wilson missing from the group some of the pedigree is now missing, but it's not an insurmountable challenge. If the Cherries are to do better, they have to accept that they have to work together to stop teams. They could swamp the midfield and look to pinch an odd goal, but it’s not how Eddie Howe wants to play. Still, it's no longer any good going into a pillow fight every game without a pillow and a 'hit me hear' sticker on the forehead. Sorry, that is my little picture of how the individual mistakes on the pitch look to me! 

I'd like to say there is an easy solution, but I fear it is something that the team just has to work out of its game. That may mean a change in personnel for a few games (I'll mention no names, but I think we are all hoping someone makes an appearance soon). 

So what does Eddie Howe try next? He has not got the wealth of talent in his squad of a Man Utd or an Arsenal A list of renowned internationals to pick from. The Liverpool match might give us some clues. It is a match where the Cherries are going to have to try and contain a good side, which they failed to do in their last two games. The good thing about this match is that it won't cost the team any points if it does not work out well. While I hope the team can progress in the cup, I'd understand if Eddie used it as a bit of an experiment, especially if it helps him get three points against Southampton at the weekend. I can't say that the football is not entertaining at the moment but I rather like the thought of AFCB winning a game 0-1. UTCIAD!

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