Thursday, 22 October 2015

It's important how Cherries are perceived for Francis

Simon Francis was not pleased with the manner of the goals that went in at the Etihad. He felt that the team gifted some of the goals and it just wasn't a typical Bournemouth display. I expect that the players are probably the toughest critics of their own performances, but these are very good teams they are up against that are forcing mistakes, and it's getting used to playing under such intense pressure that will improve the Cherries in the long run.

How often have AFCB rocked up at the Etihad, Upton park and Anfield? Not that often and I think fans need to acknowledge that. It is a massive step up that AFCB players have been making and there will come a time when there is a pick up in results and form as they get more used to Premier League games.
Francis wants top sides to look on AFCB as a difficult game.
For Simon Francis, it is clear that he does not want other teams to see the side he is currently captaining as a soft touch, and that is probably what annoyed him most about the Man City result. Anyone looking at five goals against will believe that the Cherries were thumped and a lot of the headlines read 'rout' after that game, and yet the Cherries were good going forward and might have troubled City more at times. The task is now to nullify the kind of mistakes that were made in that match and to defend better. Simon Francis is looking for more steel in defence.

AFCB need to create more of a fear factor for teams coming to play them and they can only do that by winning games. So let's hope that impetus picks up again this coming weekend.

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