Tuesday, 20 October 2015

No need to lose faith

AFCB have a tough run of games to get through. A heavy defeat at City was hard for the players to take as they had wanted to do well and I don't think they felt the score did justice to the work they tried to put into the game. It is gone now though and the match against Spurs will be equally high profile for them against well known players. But this time the game is on our turf and AFCB have to make that count.
The Cherries have to start looking up the table.
We have seen that it is hard to keep the points rolling over in the Premier League. Eight points suddenly does not seem adequate enough with other teams in the bottom three now looking up at the Cherries total as a target. The camp though should not feel down or disheartened. There were some strong elements to the Man City game that will have pleased Eddie Howe, not least the fact that they scored against a great team.

It is all small points and the players will know that they might have done a little better. The important thing is that they keep trying to reach that potential and look to find a peak level that they can obtain every week. A couple of  matches where the Cherries do reach that standard is what they should be looking for now. It will give them the lift and make them feel that the hard work is paying off.

Don't underestimate what the Cherries are trying to do though. They are raising their game to the very top table of English football and against teams that have been their for many seasons. there is no fast track way of getting it right and Eddie Howe expected it to be tough at times. Let's see if we can help them through it.

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