Monday, 5 October 2015

Who would be a keeper?

We'd better get it out of the way. Well Artur Boruc would like to clear up something. Sadly, he can't go back again though and clear up the ball that was presented to him at his feet last Saturday. He can't really blame a bobble on such an immaculately kept flat surface. A lapse in concentration and a far too casual approach to the situation was surely what scuppered Artur's mind when the ball came to him from Distin's back pass.

Artur simply made a mess of it and if you are a goalkeeper it will happen to you at sometime. The concern that Howe may have though is that Boruc's kicking game is not the best at any time and it is an area where we have seen him make some errors in the past. I don't believe you can legislate for such moments. They simply happen or don't but rather than pick on a silly moment it would be better for Boruc just to work on ways to help him think clearly when being closed down and to get used to just doing the simple thing if he feels pressured - row Z.

Put your foot through it Artur.
We have seen players like O'Kane lose the ball on the half way line and similarly get punished by the sharp finishing of Norwich. The game is cruel at this level and when you are the very last line of defence there is even more likelihood that by losing the ball to the opposition in front of goal there will only be one outcome. If it happens in a game when the team is cruising by three or four goals it may not matter so much but in these tight games it is a heart breaker. No one will be able to console Boruc for his mistake but it was helpful that he made a strong save from Anya in the second half that will give him something to take from the game.

AFCB need Boruc to continue to be confident and be bold as he come for many crosses to relieve pressure on the defence and he has steadied the defence. AFCB are in this together and Boruc will have better days and I am pleased there is a strong goalkeeping network at the club to push Boruc on to some great performances in the future.  

I think Artur will put the ball out of the stadium next time.
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