Thursday, 22 October 2015

Depleted squad means some players will have to fill holes

The Cherries are fairly well stretched at the moment. They have players that are injured in every section of the team now, and so we may well see players filing in positions that they are slightly less familiar with, and the team will have to change a round a little just to give some players a rest.

We saw that at Man City Matt Ritchie was moved to the left to accommodate Adam Smith on the right wing. While Matt had a good game, I wonder if AFCB will get the best out of him there? The move probably had more to do with what Man City were likely to do than about how AFCB wanted to attack, but as the squad is now being fully-utilised there could be some surprises in where players pop up on the team sheet.

I'm sure it is not how Eddie wants to go about setting up the team. He'd rather pick a side that has the most potential for scoring goals and causing problems for the opposition rather than trying to nullify their threat on goal. Adapting the team too much though is not helpful. A settled side is what everyone will want if results are to pick up. There have not been many occasions when so many positions have been a bit of a question mark, but the injury list is adding to the selection issues and picking the best side is becoming a more difficult part of Eddie Howe's week now.
Joe Bennett is probably itching to play his part on the field on match day
even if he has been a great help already during training. 
It is possible that he might hit upon something that works in training that he can bring into the team, but I'd almost rule out nothing now as he looks for some solutions. It is clear that the utility players are becoming more evident in the team. O'Kane, Smith and MacDonald are getting game time now. Cargill, Bennett, Rantie and Atsu have not yet experienced the Premier League with AFC Bournemouth, but they are probably just seconds away from it now and it is going to be important for them they start well when they do get involved.

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