Saturday, 10 October 2015

King may start to flourish now

Josh King may not have scored in the Premier League yet, but there are good indications that he is just starting to find his feet at this level. He had only played 53 minutes at Dean Court before the match against Watford and is still trying to establish himself in the side. It is important that Josh starts to add shooting power to the team and he will be being pushed now for his place in the side with several other strikers missing out to him. I was really pleased that he looked a more fearsome striker again against Watford and he just needs that goal now to start feeling really good about himself.

All strikers go through spells when things just aren't coming off for them. Josh has been playing more behind the top striker and has perhaps been playing a bit of a subsidiary role in the side but he has to go and show that he is a striker that will take shots on whenever he has a sight of goal. He has the ability to go past two and three players when he makes his runs and he is really exciting to watch when he does that, but the final pass or the shot at goal is just lacking and I'm sure it is just a bit of lack of confidence at that moment.  

Josh King probably had his best game so far against Watford.
Everyone is going to make mistakes but if the players don't have a go to try and do something special and attempt shots or difficult passes in the last third, then the Cherries will not benefit from being ambitious. King has that burst of speed and energy that takes him away from players and it sits well in this side as he is the player that can make the runs to the wings and in on goal for the team now. He just needs to take one of his chances. 

I hope that Eddie pursues with his playing of King when he can as I believe he has most to offer in terms of being  player that can take games away from teams. We have only seen a small measure of what he might be capable of and it is down to the coaching staff and King himself to realise his full potential now.

Yesterday, All Departments released a new podcast that talks to Alex Crooks and discusses the new book he co-authored called 'Match of My Life' which is available in the club shop. Please visit Mike's site to listen in to the podcast. I'll have the show on my site as well later today.

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