Thursday, 22 October 2015

Matching up against the top players is hard

Going up against some of the best players in the Premier League has its dangers. On certain days those players can really excel and while there have not been too many games where you felt the Cherries were being outplayed, it was not comfortable watching up at Man City. Raheem Sterling felt inspired and he was hard to contain. Spurs will similarly be looking for their stars to perform on the day, but AFCB have to be up for stopping that.

Every week we see the best players scooping the headlines on the back pages. They are good at what they do for a reason and when players put defenders on their backsides, and still manage to keep control of what they are doing to steady themselves before scoring, it is a sign that they have something more than your average player. Even the experience of Sylvain Distin could only help him so much against the trickery of Sterling and with De Bruyne, Bony and Navas keeping the back four very occupied. I think it was the multiple talent of Man City's strikeforce that was the real problem for the Cherries. It was not just a single star player that pulled them about, it was trying to keep up with all the different threats and to hold their shape which proved difficult and ultimately led to mistakes.
Distin has seen it all before and will be crucial in this period.
Luckily, not all the top teams are quite so star-studded. Spurs will bring their own type of game which is sure to be effective under Pochettino, but they also have to play Anderlecht tonight, before they visit the Vitality Stadium on Sunday. I suspect that Spurs will still assemble a very strong team for both games, and having drawn their last league match they will be looking to improve on that, which hopefully means they play a little more open than is wise against the Cherries.

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