Saturday, 3 September 2016

AFCB are in good company with AC Milan

While from the outside there is only the shirt that puts AFCB in the same kind of company as AC Milan, there has always been a vision that the Cherries could become a side that was good enough to play against the Rosseneri as equals on the same pitch. The fanbase, stadiums and price-tags of the players may be a world apart, but the riches of the riches of the Premier League has already started propelling the Cherries closer towards the world status of giants in the game like AC Milan.

For Warren Cummings, this Saturday must seem a million miles away from the sides he used to run out against in League Two just a few years ago. The Cherries were never high achievers and winning the Associate Members Cup was about as good as it got, but the trophy cabinet is looking rather crammed full these days and Warren will look back on his career I hope as having played an important part in putting AFCB on the right course during the years when there simply was no money at the club and everything was a struggle.
AFCB welcome AC Milan to Dean Court.
Warren was club captain and spent some 10 years at AFCB and left in the May of 2012 just before Eddie Howe returned in October that year to guide the Cherries to promotion and the Championship. This is a chance for AFCB fans to give him a proper thank you for his time at the club and it is great that he is still playing at Havant & Waterlooville, where Lee Bradbury is still the manager. Warren may not be a Paulo Maldini but he was always proud of the AFCB shirt and played with great passion and humour.

So who should we look out for in the AC Milan team? I imagine it will be a full first team so we could see Alessio Romagnoli who is a defender that was chased by Chelsea this last transfer window and is valued at more than £35m. Jose Sosa is a midfielder that many will recognise as the Argentine has been playing in Europe for a while now and is 31. But this is a transition team with Vincenzo Montella being charged with rebuilding a side that only finished 12th last season in Serie A. Don't be surprised if the Italians find AFCB a hard team to break down. 

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  1. Most of Milans players are in the national team including romagnoli but still a sold team playing non the less