Sunday, 4 September 2016

Will Jack Wilshere lift the Cherries?

The signing of Jack Wilshere will not put more bums on seats as AFCB don't have extra capacity to get more fans in, but the excitement he brings to Dean Court will be mirrored in the player's aspirations for the season. The first league game for Jack though will be a huge moment for him and while he is an international player and used to perform under pressure, he will be expecting a lot of himself and it is important that the other players do their jobs and don't rely on Jack to have a great game every week.

The side may have more strength in midfield and there will be a higher pool of talent of players to come in and out of the team. Whether Eddie sees Jack as a player he wants to play as much as possible is yet to be seen. Traditionally, Eddie does not make it easy for loan players and the manager has to assess in what system Jack is best suited. While 4-3-3 was tried against Man Utd, it didn't stand up to scrutiny and yet it would be the obvious choice for inclusion of Arter, Surman and Wilshire. You can't discount Lewis Cook from pushing out Arter or Surman either, while Dan Gosling may now be wondering how difficult it will be for him to get into the team and Emerson Hyndman is also now ready to play.
The Cherries are still looking for that elusive first win in the league.
Diamond formations and five in midfield would also be familiar to the Arsenal player, but when the Cherries play 4-4-2, would Howe pick Jack as a certain starter? And if so who would he partner him with - steady Surman? Than would be my bet, but a more urgent need is to get string winger performances whether from Ibe and Gradel or Pugh and Fraser or Stanislas and King. If Jack is considered as a more creative midfielder than what AFCB currently has, will that also give Wilson, King and Afobe more chances up front?

What I can't see happening is AFCB changing their usual game plan. Beating players on the wings is the side's strength and that opens up chances for those in the middle. Faster passing, better control and better decision-making from Jack is where he can excel in this side and that extra positivity that encourages the side to go forward will hopefully make games like the second half at Crystal Palace a distant memory.

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  1. Arter got himself into trouble again for Ireland. ..he can't control himself and he is walking a tightrope..the point is lewis cook is a better bet than either Wilshere or arter....time has come to play mousse. .and ditch some favourites