Monday, 12 September 2016

Beating Albion was an important home win

It is not so long ago that AFCB would have considered WBA a massive team to play against let alone beat. The promise that Eddie Howe sees about the current potential of this Bournemouth side though has enshrined a modest footnote to Saturday's victory that there is more to come from this side and that is a great position for AFCB to be in.

While no one is getting carried away with the first three points of the season, there is some kind of redressing of the rewards that never came in the matches against West Ham and Crystal Palace. AFCB fans can now feel satisfied that their club is setting about its second season in the Premier League with more direction and encouragement having spent the month of August in the relegation zone. 
WBA were a difficult team to overcome.
Everyone says it is the first 10 games that really give an indication of how your side is doing and if AFCB can secure more than 10-12 points by then they will have made a start that can be considered on target for that magic 40 point mark. The early table though shows you how big a win is when you can be bottom three one week and just outside the top 10 the next. It is the performances that we should look at, and while I see that there needs to be better finishing and shots at goal, it is pleasing to see that the side has been taking games to the opposition in most games. 

If the Cherries really are to become a solid mid-table side though they need to beat teams like WBA at home and not buckle just because they have a top side coming up next. There was still plenty of nervousness about the narrowness of the win against WBA, even though there was no last few minutes of panic with Albion coming on strong. That was a big moment in AFCB's season already and they need more games when they can find ways not to have to defend deep, but keep possession to protect a lead. It looks like the Premier League will have more teams that are of an equal standard than there has been for a few seasons and it is the minor details that are going to matter. WBA might not seem like a giant killing anymore, but to deliver that kind of performance consistently at home over a season is what will do a lot to define where AFCB finish this season. 

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