Friday, 30 September 2016

The best AFCB have played but can they do better?

It is only normal for the manager to want a bit more from his players even when they have had a good game. Eddie Howe is no different and perhaps he is right in that AFCB have much still to work on to become a reliable team that consistently picks up points. But it was like a new start with three points from the Everton game and to do better AFCB have to look at getting a string of results now.
Josh may be just the player who can break the
deadlock if things are level after an hour on Saturday. 
I've already mentioned this week that scoring goals is a problem the Cherries have. But at least they look slightly tighter in defence and a more competent side going forward now. Some of the defending against Everton was fortuitous and Everton had more than one or two headed chances to score and cutting out crosses is still something that the Cherries need to pick up on.

A 1-0 win against Everton is more appropriate of what a side aiming for mid-table should be capable of and while the Toffees are going through a difficult spell, there is more than a few positives that Eddie Howe will take from the last home game. It is transforming that confidence to the away games that he'll want to do now. AFCB have only collected one point away games and now that the side is starting to get settled, perhaps they will travel with more belief now. Complete performances are what Eddie Howe will need from his team if they are to succeed at Watford as the Hornets are coming off a low performance, and that makes it a more difficult game in my eyes than if they had won at Burnley.

At times Everton found AFCB unplayable and it is Howe's task to get his side doing that for longer period in the game than the odd five minutes. While there will be discussion on how to get more goals, I don't expect Josh King to force his way straight back into the starting line up. As a sub option though, Josh will be a great striker to have to come on with half an hour to go.
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