Thursday, 8 September 2016

Tyrone Mings is going to be like having a new player

Eddie Howe has been making a lot of mentions about the fact that Tyrone is very different from other defenders at AFCB, in that he is tall and has a great athletic physique that offers the side more power and agility at the back. Whether Tyrone needs the next month or so to get his game at the right level is probably down to what Tyrone feels, but he is getting back and it won't be long before he is battling for a shirt.

Tyrone Mings may have his sights on a centre-back role.
Having played in the match against AC Milan, Tyrone will be able to scratch that off as another hurdle that has been overcome on the comeback trail. There will be the English League Cup match against Preston North End to further press his claim and by the end of September he should be right in the thick of it for competing for a place again. That is going to be great for Tyrone and he can start being a football player again.

For AFCB fans we really have not seen a lot of Tyrone and he will be like having a new defender. Howe has indicated that it might not be at left back though where he sees Tryone's future, and the small average height of the team has made it difficult to keep clean sheets. Whether Tyrone could adapt quickly at this level into becoming a centre-back is asking a lot of him, so I am keen to see what Eddie Howe decides and if Tyrone will find a place to make his own.

I can see Tyrone and Simon Francis teaming up at the back at some point this season, but Steve Cook has been among AFCB's best players in the three league games so far to my mind. The door will be opened for Tyrone though if AFCB's back four continue to fail in their attempts to keep a clean sheet.

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  1. Yes,I hope he is given a chance to play perhaps with a starting position against Preston....and at centre half..maybe a pairing of he and Marc Wilson...

    Turning to Wilshere...looks like he is not ready for a full 90 minutes maybe 20 mins as a substitute....I hope Afobe starts